Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 39.03

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 39.03

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Using this opportunity, I turned around to catch up to Shen Qian Jin and with her ran towards Mo Qing’s back. However, in this moment, Liu Su Ruo screamed like a disembodied soul howling behind me: “Want to run, dream on!”

A “swish” sounded beside my ear, she had taken the crimson lighted male sword and quickly stabbed it towards me. I turned to block, but I never thought that the male sword controlled by Liu Su Ruo would change direction and turned directly towards Shen Qian Jin’s back for a killing move.

Oh, no!

To kill from this angle, the sword would pierce the center of Shen Qian Jin’s heart from the back! I could not let this sword of hers take Shen Qian Jin’s blood again!

I immediately pointed my toes on the ground, used all my strength to rush forward, and grab the hilt of the male sword to neutralize the attack. In front, Shen Qian Jin seemed to have felt something and suddenly turned her head back. But I still have not yelled the word “dodge” and saw Shen Qian Jin abruptly widened the pupils of her eyes.

In her jet-black pupils, I vaguely saw Liu Su Ruo’s sneering face behind me along with one of the female swords coming down from the sky and rushing straight towards my back.


In the next moment, a sharp sting pierced through my shoulder. My right hand immediately became weak and the male sword slipped out of my hand to shoot forward. Fortunately, the sword’s power became weak and was bashed away by Shen Qian Jin. Then the male sword automatically flew back into Liu Su Ruo’s hand once again.

Shen Qian Jin stopped and called out: “Zhi Yan.” She turned around and wanted to save me.

However, I fell to the ground and as I turned around, I saw the golden light above the Demon Defensive Array had digested that electric shock from Liu He Tian Yi Sword. Thousands of golden swords and Liu Su Ruo’s remaining female swords condensed into a densely packed sword. It loudly rushed towards me from the sky, as if it wanted to pierce into me and make holes like a fishing net.


In Liu Su Ruo’s sneer, I suddenly remembered what I had promised Zhi Yan before and knew in my heart that I was going to break my promise…


However, in this hopeless moment! A black wind swept through with a force that could shake the earth steadily dropped down in front of me. A blast of sword energy interrupted that annoying old witch’s sneer. Where she was beaten to, how injured she was, dead, or not dead, I absolutely was not in the mood to notice.


I only saw that ordinary Wan Jun Sword. After that ferocious wave, the power it emitted had flattened half of Jian Xin Sect directly to the ground and all of the houses were destroyed like a dead tree swept under by a violent storm.

Mo Qing seemed to be overflowing with fury. Before the annoying people of Jian Xin Sect could attack him again, I lied on my back, saw his face stretched taut, and a murderous aura burning in his eyes; it could cause one to tremble.

“Mas-… Master…”


When I called out to him, his eyes finally turned to look at me. As if in that moment, behind his murderous rage there was a trace of hidden anguish coming from deep within his heart.


He looked at me, as if that sword had just pierced into his body, even… Even deeper than when it pieced into me.

He was heartbroken.

Heartbroken for me.

It was because of the heartache, therefore, I hated anyone who hurt my people; and also because of this hatred, I was thundering with rage.

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