Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 44.03

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 44.03

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Zhi Yan’s face became stupefied: “What did you say? A few days ago, didn’t he save your life?”

“That’s saving your life, because I’m already dead. Even though on that day, he really moved me deeply, but that can’t make me give up my original intention!”

Zhi Yan’s entire face became incomprehensible: “So what’re you wanting to do by working so hard to save money to buy the Resurrection Pill? You can go kill him directly, and become ghosts together, right!”

At long last, I understood her train of thought: “You think that I’m saving money to buy the Resurrection Pill because I want to be together with Li Chen Lan?”

“Well, isn’t that so?”

I stared at her with a grim face: “That’s because I’m returning to become the Wan Lu Sect Leader.”


“For little ladies like you, all day in your head are love and passion, except for men, there’s really nothing else. My life as a ghost is so miserable, before when I didn’t go to the ghost market to buy things, I didn’t know. Now that I went there to buy things, I’ve received so much anger. I’ve experienced the ghost market’s full discrimination against me. From early on, I wanted to destroy it, but I couldn’t do it. I’ll simply borrow the ghost market’s power to become human again, and then once again stand on top of the world. I’ll live a life where I can beat up anyone who’s not pleasing to my eyes.” I shot Zhi Yan a glance: 

“The next time I encounter a situation like Jian Xin Sect, I absolutely will not let anyone outperform me. My journey is to dominate the world, do you understand? ”

Zhi Yan bowed her head: “I think that Li Chen Lan is so pitiful…”

“In a nutshell, you’ll lend me your body. Before I dominate the world, I’ll first ask for the Sect Leader Command, and order all the disciples of Wan Lu Sect to burn money for me.”

“Not lending.”

[Oh, wow, you have grown fully fledged, huh!]

I glared at her. In an instant, Zhi Yan went back into her body. She lay on the bed with her arms crossed, and tried her hardest to keep her eyes wide open with a determined look to not compromise. Right at this time, outside the room, the rooster crowed indicating that it was dawn.

I knew I could not wrestle against her, besides I did not feel like arguing with her. In any case, in the evening, I could just push her out of her body. When that time comes, I would perform the Instantaneous Travel Technique, and by then, I did not believe that she could stop me.

But I absolutely did not expect that when evening came, Zhi Yan never came back from the foot of the mountain.

I thought to myself, maybe this little lass was afraid that I would snatch her body, so she planned to hide from me? I looked at the sky, and when I was planning to go down the mountain to look for her, a dark guard had brought Zhi Yan back. Zhi Yan trembled from head to foot with her face looking pale.

When she saw me, she temporarily forgot that there was still the dark guard by her side. She just stared intently at me, took two steps towards me, and then covered her face with her hands and knelt on the ground: “Brother Cang Ling…”

I was taken aback and my expression became solemn: “You met up with Liu Cang Ling?”

“Brother Cang Ling went crazy…” She buried her face in her hands and cried chokingly, “He must’ve known about the news in Jin Zhou City, so he went crazy…”

I lowered my gaze and saw a thin trace of blood on the Zhi Yan’s neck, this wound… Was exactly the same as the wound on Shen Qian Jin’s neck.

In an instant, my heart turned cold. I heard my clear frightening voice ask Zhi Yan: “Why did you meet up Liu Cang Ling, was there anything unusual with him? When he stabbed you, which sword did he use? Did the dark guard save you? Where’s Liu Cang Ling? Where did he go?”


“I don’t know…” Zhi yan held her head, as if she was in utter chaos, “He was absolutely nothing like the usual Brother Cang Ling… His eyes were lifeless, he didn’t say a word, and stabbed me with the sword. I thought… I thought that he knew about the news in Jin Zhou City. He knew that I was involved in it… Therefore, he wanted to kill me.”


“Zhi Yan.” I calmly called her name, and forced her to calm down, “You need to carefully remember and tell me whether the sword in Liu Cang Ling’s hand sucked the blood from your neck or not. When he wanted to kill you, was his expression similar to when Liu Wei killed your father?”


Zhi Yan seemed to be stunned silly by these questions of mine, and so she raised her head to gaze at me: “Yes… How did you know?”

Of course, I would know. Many years ago, when Wan Lu Sect was outside Jin Zhou City briefly fighting with Jian Xin Sect, Liu Su Ruo’s Heart Confusion Technique was used. This technique indeed made my Wan Lu Sect slay each other and it killed a lot of people.

I clenched my fist. That woman actually had a very long life that even she could not be eradicated on that day.

After taking Zhi Yan’s blood, was she still planning to resurrect Luo Ming Xuan…

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    Recently when I went back to watch The Legends I recalled that there were various versions with different lengths. I’ve watched it on Viki but I am wondering if IQIYI has the full version? I wonder if we will ever see the cut material from the censors- that I’m curious about. Any thoughts?


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