Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 45.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 45.01

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Everything else could be tolerated, but only the resurrection of Luo Ming Xuan was unacceptable.

Just as I was thinking of a countermeasure; at this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared in the courtyard. It was Mo Qing.

I had not seen him for several days, so to suddenly see his face again, I immediately remembered that day when we were face to face. It was the moment where he almost kissed me. My heartbeat pounded abruptly, and it took a while for it to calm down.

I listened to my heart and thought to myself that even when I heard the news of Luo Ming Xuan’s possible resurrection, I could still care about Mo Qing’s matters; which was really a very dangerous signal.

I only saw Mo Qing stare at Zhi Yan who was still squatting and shivering on the ground. He frowned slightly, but did not go to support her. He turned around and asked the dark guard: “Is Liu Cang Ling captured?”

The dark guard bowed his head and knelt down: “This subordinate did not handle it well, I hope that Great Master will punish me.”

Mo Qing did not punish him, he just waved his hand to signal for him to withdraw. Then he stood off to the side and calmly watched Zhi Yan. He did not say anything, as if he was waiting for something.

I pondered for a moment, then took possession of Zhi Yan’s body. I feigned to be exhausted and sat on the ground, turning my head to look at Mo Qing: “Master.” I believed that since Mo Qing had not exposed my identity, then I would continue to pretend to be naive. That would save myself from a sudden change of status, otherwise, I would have to adapt again to my new role. Additionally…

I was totally unsure of how I would use Lu Zhao Yao’s identity to get along with Mo Qing.

“It is likely that Liu Su Ruo did not die. Liu Cang Ling should already be under her control, he used her male sword to take my blood.”

Zhi Yan, who was forced out of her body by me, turned her head to stare at me when she heard that. I continued to say: “It seems like tomorrow is their Ten Great Celestial Sects’ convention at Xian Tai Mountain. Today, Liu Su Ruo sneaked an attack on me, so tomorrow, she’ll definitely take action.”

Besides, this action was most likely related to the resurrection of Luo Ming Xuan. It might even… Immediately awaken Luo Ming Xuan.

Thinking of this possibility, my expression darkened for a moment.

Mo Qing crouched down and levelly gazed into my eyes: “Don’t worry, I already made plans.”

“Plans?” I looked at Mo Qing, “Are you going to disrupt their convention… In person?” I unconsciously furrowed my eyebrows. Last time, during the battle in Jin Zhou City, the injuries on Mo Qing’s body were not necessarily better, I was just afraid that it had gotten even more serious. If tomorrow he personally went to the celestial sects’ convention, then it would inevitably be too rash.

“Worried about me?” A phrase such as this, Mo Qing had feigned to unintentionally toss it about.

Of course, I was worried, this damaged body…

I was entirely startled by my own subconscious mind’s response. I quickly glanced at Mo Qing, but only saw his starry eyes smiling. After his eyes became steady and calm, it hid a certain degree of tantalizing essence. This ambiguous gaze stared frankly at me, making my thick-skinned face blush. 

In spite of that, I was able to react promptly, because this guy was fishing for my confirmation! But actually in my heart, it was true that… I was worried about him.

Suddenly, I had a kind of feeling of being betrayed by my own inner self.

“Yeah… Yesterday, you even clearly made such a solemn vow in front of me saying that you haven’t given up the intention to kill him, and the desire to reclaim the sect leader position. But the look in your eyes isn’t saying that right now.” Beside me, I heard Zhi Yan sobbing and sniffling with dislike at my words.


I coldly shot her a leery glance, but saw that she was like a rabbit, squatting behavingly with her pair of eyes staring straight at me.


[Were you not in a state of misery because Liu Cang Ling slashed your neck? How long were you even miserable? Damn your great uncle, how did your meddling heart get so big now?]

I coughed once, calmed my emotions, and gazed at Mo Qing’s face again. He was still staring at me in that way, but for some unknown reason, I suddenly recalled that not too long ago, when Mo Qing helped me fetch Liu He Tian Yi Sword. There was blood on the hilt of the sword, and I had asked whether he was injured or not. He was still asking me in the same way whether I was worried about him or not.

At that time, I said I was not worried, but what I got in return was Mo Qing’s somewhat disappointed expression.

Now that I remembered his expression of that time, I did not know why, but I was actually unable to blindly spout nonsense and go through the motions of lying about this topic.

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