Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 51.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 51.02

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Just as this thought flashed through my mind, the magical array under my feet suddenly emitted a vast amount of golden light, stinging my eyes. In this instant, sounds of two rustling chains came, separately wrapping around my two ankles. The chains held my four limbs trapped.


Everything seemed to have returned to that certain year.

I had just ventured out for the first time and went to Feng Mountain to look for Luo Ming Xuan. However, because of this, I was helplessly trapped by his magical array. In the array, I screamed in agony, struggling for help, difficult to be set free.

At that time, Luo Ming Xuan had also stood coldly in the distance like this, high up on his pedestal, looking down on me as he sentenced me to my death.

As soon as I clenched my jaw, I only felt the blood and anger churning in my heart that simply could not be stopped.

“Luo Ming Xuan, do you think you can kill me?”

“When I first met you, I should’ve killed you.” He was outside the magical array, across his immortal face was pure coldness, “I won’t let you create chaos here.”


“Hahaha!” I felt like I had just heard the biggest joke, even though both of my hands were trapped and I was locked up in this magical array, I still could not stop laughing: “Hahaha! Luo Ming Xuan! Did you say this backwards, instead?” I stopped and asked him:

“When I first met you, the person who should’ve killed you, shouldn’t it be me?”

Luo Ming Xuan appeared steadily calm and did not utter a word. As the dust around me that got vibrated by my demonic energy from before faded away, as the four grandmasters of the celestial sects heard my words, they looked at each other in dismay.

As Liu Su Ruo clutched her chest, she arrived behind Luo Ming Xuan’s back: “Lu Zhao Yao, this life of mine was destroyed by you. Before I thought that you were dead, so I just dropped it. Now that you’ve come back to life and delivered yourself to the door, I’ll personally slice your flesh off your bones, and only then can it dispel my many years of hatred for you.”

She said it just like that with fuming rage between her gritted teeth. While in the array, I gazed at her, still laughing unbridledly: “Come here then.”

Luo Ming Xuan stopped her: “Su Ruo.”

Liu Su Ruo turned her head to look at him: “Ming Xuan, the wounds on my body and almost half of my heart became demonic were all thanks to her. If I don’t personally slice her, then my inner demon will be hard to get rid of.”

“Oh.” I laughed, “All of you, celestial sect people, aren’t clean either.” I moved my hand to point at Luo Su Ruo but my action was immediately prevented by one of grandmaster’s shackles. I swept him a glance, “Luo Ming Xuan, a demonic person is evil, how can you not kill her first as a warning to others? It’ll complete the reputation of this selfless and impartial Golden Immortal of yours.”

“You slut!” When Liu Su Ruo heard that, she ignored Luo Ming Xuan’s obstruction and rushed towards me with her only remaining male sword, shouting abhorrently and mournfully.

I stared at her indifferently and saw her pedaled into the magical array. Immediately, the corners of my lips quirked up: “So obedient.”

The demonic energy sprung up all around my entire body, and the four celestial sect grandmasters used all of their strength to grip the shackles, as if they wanted to divide my corpse. However, even if, today, I fell into a difficult situation like this, they still could not do anything to me.


It was because I came here to risk my life, while they were reluctant to fight me with their own lives.

When Liu Su Ruo’s killing attack almost came before me, just a moment before the edge of her sword stabbed into my heart, the demonic energy around my body condensed into a vine and whirled outwards, knocking the sword in her hand. I grabbed her neck and pulled her over to cover me. The demonic energy was wandering around her neck and body, which could turn into a sharp blade at any time and cut her up into pieces.


“Luo Ming Xuan.” As I called out to him, I first manipulated the demonic energy to make a gash on Liu Su Ruo’s neck: “I know what you want to do. You just woke up from being dormant, so your internal aura is insufficient.” I laughed, “You want to preserve your strength, so you use these trash to consume my power. Then you’re going to take advantage of my weakened state and try to kill me again.”

I used the demonic energy to constantly lacerate Liu Su Ruo’s flesh, and every time she would exchange each gash with her most malicious curses. Even the celestial sect grandmasters constantly raged and wanted me to ultimately stop. I merely looked at Luo Ming Xuan: “I don’t have that much energy to waste on others. Tell them to release the shackles, remove the magical array, and then, quietly get lost. I want to kill you and you want to kill me. No other person can participate or else…”

I eagerly cut Liu Su Ruo’s chin: “How about I help you kill this already demonic wife?” I ask, “Are any of you, celestial cultivators, curious about whether the heart of a person, who has become demonic, is red or not? How about I dig her heart out for all of you to see?”

The vine that was condensed by demonic energy stopped above Liu Su Ruo’s heart. It penetrated slowly, little by little.

Liu Su Ruo shouted: “Lu Zhao Yao! If you want to kill me, then kill me! I’ve already died before! I’m not scared of you! Lu Zhao Yao, I’m not afraid of you!”

“Ah…” As I laughed softly, my expression was warm and gentle. “I’m absolutely fond of this resilient look to the end from all of you.”

The vine pierced her heart and blood spew forth, Liu Su Ruo unwaveringly clenched her jaw, not uttering a sound. However, I needed her to make a sound, so I made the demonic energy gesticulate lightly on her face: “Or do you want me to peel your skin first?” As these words clearly struck the innermost part of her heart, she released a groan. The groan finally made Luo Ming Xuan open his mouth: “Stop it.” He said, “Let her go. I’ll remove the magical array.”

Luo Ming Xuan, you certainly did not disappoint me at all. You maintained your hypocritical appearance very well.

“The shackles.” My tone was indifferently cold. The golden shackles that trapped my four limbs were retracted. As the celestial sect grandmasters stared at me resentfully, I walked, step by step, out of the magical array.

Liu Su Ruo was so moved that her eyes were filled with tears: “Ming Xuan…”

As I got closer and closer to the edge of the magical array, I watched Luo Ming Xuan attentively. Finally, with one last step, I left the magical array.

“Abiding by our promises.” I said, and then, urged the demonic energy to throw Liu Su Ruo away.

However, when Liu Su Ruo was thrown out, in a split second, Luo Ming Xuan’s silhouette suddenly moved. The light in my eyes darkened. As he winked over, I quickly exchanged two moves with him. Nevertheless, I did not expect that at this moment, the four celestial sect grandmasters immediately threw the shackles back out again. This time, the four shackles transformed into one chain that wrapped around my waist, rigidly dragging me straight back into the magical array.


I rolled into the center of the magical array, half-kneeling on the ground to support my body. I could not stop myself from laughing: “Luo Ming Xuan, previously, you wanted to kill me because I was born to be demonic. I must be the most sinister, most evil person. I have already felt wronged for a while, but now I’m just very relieved.” I stared at him with a smile on the corners of my lips, “If the Righteous Path in the entire world looks exactly like all of you, then I might as well be born evil and demonic.”

“You’re right, if you’re part of the Righteous Path, then I’m destined to be the enemy of the Righteous Path.”


As soon as my voice ended, the demonic energy surrounding my entire body shot out harshly. Since I could not get rid of these obstacles, then I would just remove every hindrance. This battle between Luo Ming Xuan and I, no one could prevent it!

In this magical array of golden light, I bit my thumb and drew a demonic array. As blood flowed in, the demonic energy went berserk and directly condensed into a hazy, black, giant dragon from within the magical array. It went on a rampage on the ground, sweeping past the magical array to fight directly with the four celestial sect grandmasters.

I shattered the shackles around my waist and once again, condensed a sword in my hand. Disregarding everything up to this point, I resolutely slashed towards Luo Ming Xuan. As the demonic energy crashed into the golden light, the power that swept out made half of Feng Ming Palace quake.

The moment when the sword and the light meld, Luo Ming Xuan said: “I used to think that I could teach you to be benevolent.” In my mind, those scenes in that valley flashed by. He was badly wounded as he told me word for word that a person’s birth did not decide everything, “But you still had to save the son of the Demon King and establish Wan Lu Sect. To this day, your inflexible nature is unchangeable.”



“That’s right.” I disdainfully explained to him, “I’m so bad, do you have anything to be dissatisfied about?”

The immortal seal in his hand suddenly glowed. But right at this moment, the demonic dragon and the four celestial sect grandmasters below were fighting to the end. The grandmasters exhausted everything, even the demonic dragon depleted itself and faded away. For a spell, my internal aura was hollow and the demonic sword in my hand dispersed immediately. Then he blasted my chest with his palm, and I fell through midair and directly slammed into a big rock on the ground.

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  1. Lu Zhao Yao must be so disheartened thinking about what Luo Ming Xuan said earlier and look at him now. He is the real demon totally. Mo Qing aka Li Chen Lan come fast,Zhao Yao needs you💕🥺

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