Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 70.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 70.01

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She spirited back to her homeland. 

Luo Ming Xuan said that in the past, there was a seal of the Demon King here, so it was difficult for outsiders to enter, and it was not easy for insiders to leave. However, since Luo Ming Xuan broke the seal of the Demon King and released Mo Qing, the enchantment barrier in this place no longer existed, so anyone could go in and out at will. 

It was just that after hundreds of thousands of years, due to the existence of the Demon King’s seal, the remaining miasma on this land was hard to eliminate. The surrounding dead trees would never grow when spring came; even the green weeds would not sprout a single blade.

Firstly, this place was not livable. Secondly, it was inconvenient to practice cultivation. No one would willingly come to this desolate mountain with its infertile soil. Therefore, when Zhi Yan and I landed here, Zhi Yan even widened her eyes in surprise. 

“Great Demon King, you grew up in this environment, ha… With such hardship, it’s no wonder you became the Great Demon King…” 

Cultivating the demon path or cultivating the immortal path were all ways to cultivate Daoism. Naturally, when cultivating Daoism, it required the spiritual influence of the world. My homeland was surrounded by poisonous miasma, so if an ordinary person were to come here without getting poisoned to his or her death, then it was a pretty good outcome. That being said, this place was definitely not a good place to practice cultivation. 

However, I was different. 

My maternal grandfather said our clan had lived in this place for hundreds of thousands of years. After every generation, people adapted faster and faster to this land. By the time I was born, my physique had already adapted to absorb the miasma and turned it into nutrients for my cultivation. 

After leaving my homeland, in this vast world with its boundless heavens and earth, it was easier for me to cultivate in any place than in my homeland. So naturally, I became even more like a fish in water. 

So just like Zhi Yan had stated, no wonder I could become the Great Demon King. 

Even though it had been such a long time since I had gone back to my homeland, I did not experience any unfamiliar feelings. It was probably because I understood the relationship between Mo Qing and I, so I even developed some new feelings for my homeland. 

I led Zhi Yan around the valley and finally found the tiny cottage where I used to live with my grandfather when I was a child. 

The tiny cottage was dilapidated and dusty, and the old man from many years ago, who used to drink wine in the courtyard, was also nowhere to be seen. I entered the cottage, and with a flip of my fingers, a gust of wind rose up to sweep away the dust on the divan. As I sat down, I waited for my soul to leave my body. 

As Zhi Yan entered the cottage, she looked towards the left and then towards the right: “On the way here, I saw many other houses, how come there’s not even a single person? Did they all go out?” 

“They’re all dead.” 

Zhi Yan was shocked: “How.. How come?” 

“In the past, there was an enchantment barrier here, so people inside and outside could not get in contact. Many people were tired of living here for all of their lives. At that time, I was still young. The people from my parents’ generation tried to find a way to get out, but when they got out, no one had ever returned again. Gradually, only my grandfather and I were left in the village. Later, when the enchantment barrier slackened, I also went out into the flowery world outside…” 

I closed my eyes, I had recalled the events that happened after that time too many times, so I did not want to say anything more. 

Zhi Yan sat down next to me and patted my shoulder: “Don’t be sad, you have Chen Ji Mountain now, just wait when we call your soul back…” 

“A moment ago, there appeared to be an aura of magic here?”

Outside, someone’s voice had interrupted Zhi Yan’s words. 

I scowled. This place should not have anyone else. As my ears stirred, I listened carefully, and discovered that there were actually four people outside… That was incorrect, there was actually one more person. 

“Boss, a moment ago, there appeared to be noises inside, too.” 

I used my Celestial Eye to observe outside, and saw four to five bandit-like demon cultivators with a person slowly following them from behind. His body was extremely tall, about ten feet high, and his girth would probably take three Zhi Yans to surround it. Just one leg was also much bigger than Zhi Yan’s entire body. However, for such a “giant” demon cultivator, when he walked, it was light and quiet. 

Not knowing how strong he was, I feared that he would be difficult to deal with. 

So I gripped Liu He Tian Yi Sword by my side.

However, just when my palm had just grasped the hilt of Liu He Tian Yi Sword, my whole body suddenly lost all strength. Unexpectedly, my soul had left my body at this moment! 

I was shocked, it should have at least waited for me to drink Zhi Yan’s blood, so unfortunate! 

I anxiously laid back down into my body, but my soul had just left my body, so I could not get back in right away. 

Ah, who said the widow of an immortal was blessed by heaven, how could all of you in heaven defraud someone just like the Ghost Market? Why did you all use the method of hitting someone down on their luck to take care of them? 

“Zhi Yan.” I called out to her, “Call out my name, make it quick.”

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