Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 70.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 70.02

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Afraid of being discovered by the people outside, Zhi Yan quickly whispered “Lu Zhao Yao” three times. I immediately felt a force between my body and my soul. It was a gentle pull, but it immediately disappeared. 

The Summoning of Soul was useful! I realized that she would need to call out in a loud and clear voice. I urged her: “Louder, call out again!” 

Zhi Yan’s voice was so soft, it was like she was whispering: “The people outside will notice…” 

I clenched my teeth, resenting that she failed to meet my expectations: “What are you afraid of?! Once I repossess my body, will I still let people bully you? Grow up a little! You’re not that weak anymore.” 

The people outside were also whispering: “Boss, there really are people inside!” 

Zhi Yan clenched her teeth, then she took a deep breath, but before she could even utter “Lu,” she heard a “boom.” A large hand suddenly overturned the entire roof of this old house. 

The bricks and tiles, mixed with broken wood and dusty particles collapsed on my body, Zhi Yan immediately rushed over to protect the head on my body. Even with the posture she used to throw herself over my body, her lips did not stop. In spite of everything, she finally shouted my name: “Lu Zhao Yao! Lu Zhao Yao!” 

After these two calls, I could feel a bond that erupted from my body, igniting my power, pulling me towards my body. However, just when Zhi Yan was about to shout out for the third time, she was suddenly captured and taken out of the house by that large hand. So halfway through the word “Lu,” it turned into a high-pitched scream. 

At this moment, as Liu He Tian Yi Sword fell down next to my body, Zhi Yan became unarmed and defenseless. She was clenched in the “giant’s” hand, his fingers just happened to be covering her mouth. No matter how much Zhi Yan struggled, she could not struggle free from the strength of his fingers, even breathing was becoming difficult. 

“Little lass, are you trying to call for reinforcements?” The giant said with a deep, resounding voice. Just by opening his mouth to say a few words, it stirred the miasma in the valley and shook the dead trees. It could be seen that his strong aura was beyond what Zhi Yan’s ability could deal with, “Oh? There’s one more?” 

The giant spotted my body in the house. 

As I clenched my teeth, I helplessly watched him grab my body in his hand.

Liu He Tian Yi Sword fell from the bed to the ground, being covered by the broken bricks. The giant did not enter the house, he only lifted Zhi Yan and I to examine us: “Two girlie dolls, what are you doing here in this mountain?” 

This person did not know who I am, he should have just appeared in Jiang Hu a few years ago. 

However, in just a few years, such a person actually appeared on the Demon Path, and Mo Qing did not put him on the list to rope in or to eradicate? Or could it be that… He was always hiding in this valley, so Mo Qing was absolutely unaware? 

It was also very probable that when I was alive, I did not tell Sima Rong to build an intelligence network here. Who would have thought that in such a place with poor spiritual energy, there would still be people here hiding and cultivating. 

“Boss, are you going to show them to the other bosses?” 

There were other bosses? 

This place was not only hiding just this one? 

“Show the others what? These two dolls are lively. Since they don’t know, I’ll quickly eat them first.” 

This was actually a cannibal demon cultivator. Zhi Yan was in his other hand, her face turned stiflingly red. When she heard him say that, using one of her hands, she immediately struggled with all her might. Finally, between the gap of this giant’s fingers, she reached out her hand, Liu He Tian Yi Sword, that was lying within the broken bricks, emitted its brilliance and quickly flew into Zhi Yan’s hand, carrying lightning with it. With a “boom,” it cleaved open that demon cultivator’s large hand. 

As soon as Zhi Yan tread mid-air, she escaped from that giant’s control. She took a deep breath and shouted: “Lu Zhao Yao!” 

However, my soul still did not repossess my body!

I was about to lose it and did not even have the inclination to blame God anymore. I just shouted at Zhi Yan: “Call out again! The first two calls have been separated for too long, so it no longer counts!” 

“Lu Zhao Yao! Lu…” 

“Ah!” That demon cultivator, who was struck by lightning, became extremely angry. He roared angrily and glared at Zhi Yan, who was floating in mid-air. Zhi Yan was immediately crushed to the ground by the pressure around his entire body. He raised his foot and mercilessly stepped on her body, directly smashing my old house into pieces and trampling Zhi Yan under the ruins. 

She no longer made a sound.

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