Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 76.01


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 76.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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It was very strange that Mo Qing’s wound had improved so much, and yet his body did not suffer from any kind of problems. Every day, he dealt with Wan Lu Sect’s affairs without showing any kind of abnormalities… 

That was what I was thinking. Although I occasionally heard the disciples whispering complaints in private that Li Chen Lan’s temper had gotten worse. However, when he was with me, I seldom noticed whether his temper was good or bad. It was because no matter what I said, he would always say yes. 

Even if he was busy, I would force Gu Han Guang to take his pulse again and again, and he would still obediently stretch out his hand for Gu Ham Guang to take a look. 

I just blamed that this Southern Mountain Lord’s renown title, the Number One Genius Doctor, was of no use whatsoever. After three days of examinations and even secretly flipping through many of his medical books in his room, he still did not know how Mo Qing’s body got better. 

To top it off, Mo Qing did not feel any discomfort anywhere.

He still lived his life as usual. Although as the Sect Leader, he was awfully busy with the sect’s affairs, but as long as there was a little spare time, he would quietly appear by my side. 

It did not matter if I was teaching Zhi Yan cultivation techniques at that time, or taking a stroll with Shi Qi at the market, or researching wood-headed puppets with Sima Rong. No matter where I was, I was enjoying the joy of living an ordinary life. Whereas, he would quietly appear by my side and would not disturb me, always. 

When I was teaching Zhi Yan sword techniques on top of the mountain, he leaned against the tree and silently looked at me. I did not notice his presence until I turned around. While he just smiled gently at me, his eyes emitted fragments that were like the most beautiful rays of the morning sun. 

When I was taking a stroll with Shi Qi at the market; in order to compensate for the deficit of being penniless when I was still at the Ghost Market, I randomly purchased a huge pile of things as retaliation. As long as I took a fancy to it, regardless of whether someone had bought it first, I would buy it back with three times the original price. As for Shi Qi, who boasted about her powerful strength, even though she could carry the items, her hands could no longer hold onto any more items. Whereas Mo Qing, who would sometimes appear next to me inadvertently, he would gently take the items in my hand. As he held the items in one hand, his other hand would naturally take my hand and he would walk with me. 

While behind us, Shi Qi would mumble under her breath, cursing him, but he would ignore it and smile. The smile at the corner of his lips was even more beautiful than the arc of the rainbow in the horizon. 

When I was researching the Mechanical Magic Technique with Sima Rong, Sima Rong had a lot of information, so he often chatted with me in his free time. Mo Qing would sit next to me, fiddling with those wood-headed puppets with me and occasionally share a few words. Sometimes, he would talk about some interesting stories or incidents in Jiang Hu, and because those trifling stories were narrated through his lips, they were slightly more hilarious. 

I gazed at him and smiled. The expression on his entire face was gentler than the spring wind. 

The most important thing was that, every night, in the tranquil Wu E Palace, in the bedroom that was originally mine but later became his, upon the big bed, he softly whispered my name in my ear and meticulously enjoyed every inch of skin on my body. Those stirring touches stimulated every nerve within me. 

Every day of every night, he indulged me to the point where I did not know what worldly affairs were, no longer thinking about the human world. 

As the Sect Leader of Wan Lu Sect, I had run rampant in the secular world for so many years, but at this very moment, I had never had this kind of luxury just living with Mo Qing, which had me so intoxicated. 

This life was as beautiful as a dream. Until one day, with his exhausted face, Gu Han Guang came to find me and said: “I know what’s going on with Li Chen Lan.” 

As my heart thudded, I suddenly did not want to face this matter anymore. However, before Gu Han Guang could immediately tell me the situation, Lin Zi Yu suddenly appeared. His face was extremely anxious as he knelt down heavily in front of me: “This subordinate knows his sins, but the brothers of the Shadow Night Guards listen to this subordinate’s orders to do their work. They’re not at fault, I hope that the Former Sect Leader can plead for leniency with the Sect Leader to forgive the brothers of the Shadow Night Guards. Spare them, so that they can still fight for Wan Lu Sect in the future.” 

After listening to him, I was dumbfounded. 

After the last battle with Jiang Wu, many wounded Shadow Night Guards were taken back to Wan Lu Sect. After receiving treatment, they were sentenced as slaves to do hard labor in the prison at the foot of the mountain with Lin Zi Yu. Once they completed the three years, then they could continue working for Wan Lu Sect. 

I thought that after Mo Qing gave this punishment, this matter would be considered over. However, ten to fifteen days had already passed now, and Lin ZI Yu, who was covered in blood, suddenly teleported before me, asking me to intercede. I honestly could not think it though. 

“Isn’t it just punishing you all to do hard labor in the prison? Just this little bit of punishment, you guys can’t bear it anymore?” Compared to the way I used to punish those who betrayed Wan Lu Sect, Mo Qing’s punishment was much lighter… 

Lin Zi Yu raised his head to look at me: “The Sect Leader… Wants to take all of the former Shadow Night Guards, who are serving their sentences in the prison… To be put to their deaths.” 

I was startled: “What did you say?” 

“Former Sect Leader, Zi Yu personally knows that causing Wau Lu Sect to experience this great catastrophe, the crime is worthy of death, but the Shadow Night Guards…”

“Where’s Mo Qing?” I stood up and interrupted him. 

“In front of the mountain gate.” With a flick of my fingers, I used the Teleportation Technique and arrived in front of the mountain gate with Gu Han Guang hot on my tail. 

Right in front of the mountain gate at the Memorial Arch, it was unknown when several long wooden stakes were nailed into the ground. While on the wooden stakes hung several of the Shadow Night Guards with their chests pierced straight through. Even though I was pretty old, I had not seen this kind of scene in a long time, which startled me for a moment. Under the Memorial Arch, I saw Mo Qing standing with his hands clasped behind him, looking over at the people who were hanging on the stakes, and ordering coldly: “Break their jaws and cut their tongues off first.” 

As soon as the order was given, the disciples of Wan Lu Sect, who were standing on the Memorial Arch, immediately withdrew their blades, bent down, opened the mouths of those Shadow Night Guards, who were already half dead, and were about to take action when I shouted: “Stop.” 

The disciples on the Memorial Arch looked at Mo Qing. Mo Qing gave a slight nod, and then turned to look back at me, the coldness in his eyes warmed up just a little bit: “Why are you here?” 

I glanced over at the people on the Memorial Arch and directly asked him without any sort of pretense, “Didn’t you already sentenced them to do hard labor in prison?” 

Mo Qing’s eyes turned a little bit colder: “Which tattletale told you this?” 

Lin Zi Yu immediately appeared, and knelt down with a “plop”: “Zi Yu knows his crime and is willing to use his life as atonement! I hope the Sect Leader…” 

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5 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 76.01

  1. Thank you so much for continuing with the translation, we’re almost at the end! Such a lovely story ♥️ Hope you and your family are doing well!


  2. All I can say is wow! The sharp contrast in how MoQing lovingly treats Zhao Yao to how he is treating others. Starting to feel like Jiang Wu is somehow the root of the change.

    Thanks again! We are so close to the end. Thank you for sticking with the translation. It is always a pleasant surprise to get a chapter. Praying that you and your family are well despite the not so great weather.

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  3. She’s an idiot…MQ suspiciously healed on his own, she also saw JW got into his body and she still didn’t say anything about it? So dumb. She’s letting JW taking over MQ

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