Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 77.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 77.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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The whole night was spent on the rooftop admiring the bright moon. After admiring the moon for a while, I fell asleep in Mo Qing’s embrace. 

Zhu Ji’s actions were quite fast, because when I just fell into dreamland, I entered a deep cave. I knew this place; some time ago, when I sent messages to Gu Han Guang and Qin Qian Xian in their dreams, I also came to this place. It was just that this time, the position was reversed, I became the dreamer. 

Turning a dark corner, there was a stone table in front of me. Zhu Ji, who was wearing a blue robe, sat at the stone table, leisurely pouring tea. Sure enough, to be worthy of a tavern owner, even in dreamland, the setting had to be tasteful. 

“The allotted time of the Entering Dream Pill isn’t very long, so let’s get straight to the point…” As soon as I said that, Zhu Ji interrupted me. 

“Hey, no need to rush. I’m not as poor as you used to be, you can only buy an Entering Dream Pill that lasts two hours. I don’t care about the time, so sit down first and have some tea. Then we’ll have a chat.” 

I shot him a glance. I was not in the mood to drink tea, but I sat down in the chair next to him and bluntly said: “I want to ask you to ask Cao Ming Feng to help me with something. Is there any way for heavenly immortals like them to expel the violent aura in the body of a cultivator?” 

Zhi Ji glanced at me: “An inner demon?” 

“Yes… But this inner demon must not be killed, I just want him to not be so violent, just expel what’s in his body…” 

“Li Chen Lan?” 

I was taken aback: “You know him?”

“Of course I know him. He’s my own personal inner demon.” 

I was dumbfounded, therefore, I could not believe my ears: “What did you say?” 

He placed a teacup in front of me: “Now, are you in the mood to drink tea and have a chat with me?” 

I looked at him in disbelief, only to see that this man with his gentle smiling face, who even poured me a cup of tea, muttered to himself for a long time, and during this entire chat… He actually dared to say that Mo Qing was his inner demon?

If he did not say that just to scare me, then was he… Not the Demon King from a thousand years ago? The one who died so many years before? The one who sealed Mo Qing and imprisoned my clan? … That Demon King? 

This was actually the Demon King’s style? 

Bullshit! Every single time when something was related to the Ghost Market, I never could understand it at all! 

To top it off, for what reason, he, the Demon King from a thousand years ago, lived a better life in the Ghost Market for millennia and even became a boss; while I, who almost became the Demon King a thousand years later, lived such a miserable life? Heaven was so unfair! 

“When I knew that Li Chen Lan escaped from the seal to Chen Ji Mountain, I opened a tavern at the foot of Chen Ji Mountain, so that it was convenient for me to regularly observe him.” 

“Wait a minute.” I cried out, “Start from the beginning, how are you the Demon King?” 

Zhu Ji raised an eyebrow: “Why can’t I be the Demon King? I used my charismatic personality to climb up to the Demon King’s position, alright?! At that time, my subordinates loved and respected me, while my opponents worshiped me. As the Demon King, I was very awe-inspiring.” 


Did all the demon cultivators of a thousand years ago carry themselves in such a manner? 

“It’s just that…” Zhu Ji sighed softly, “I got careless. I was suspicious of my subordinates, which gave birth to an inner demon. By the time I realized it, the inner demon had grown in my heart and began to influence each of my judgments. Therefore, I decisively expelled the inner demon from my body. However, his strength was too great. I was afraid that once he got out, I wouldn’t be able to handle him later, so I placed a seal on the mountain and locked him there. My intention was to borrow the powers of heaven, earth, mountains and rivers to erode the stubborn evil aura in his body, after that he would completely dissipate from the world.” 

It was all because of suspicions that an inner demon was born… 

“I ordered my subordinates to guard the seal and to strengthen the power of the seal every year. Then, I also placed the Spying Heart Mirror on his body to keep an eye on him at all times.” 

So… The Spying Heart Mirror, it was used on Mo Qing’s body for such a purpose… 

“But after I arranged everything that involved the inner demon, my power was weakened, and the immortal sects took advantage of that and killed me. After many years of hardship in the Ghost Market, at long last…” 

“I don’t want to hear about your past.” I interrupted him, “So you sealed Li Chen Lan for a thousand years, but when he came out of the seal, he was currently not this way…” I paused for a moment, “He also didn’t have the look of an inner demon whatsoever.” 

Compared to Jiang Wu, the Ugly Little Monster of the past was simply a saint. For so many years, he insisted on governing with benevolence to manage Wan Lu Sect. He did not resemble an inner demon in the slightest, if it were not for Jiang Wu…

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2 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 77.02

  1. Hmm it’s possible that Zhi Ji did much fewer “evil” deeds than Zhao Yao, but the disparity in judgment/treatment does feel unfair for our girl…

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  2. The Demon King intended to make MoQing disappear. How did MoQing have such a benevolent and shy demeanor when released if he was truly his inner demon? Did he seal his true nature after he created him? I have so many questions. Also other ghosts seem to lose their memories and sense of self, why is it that the Demon King seems to not be afflicted? How was he still able to monitor MoQing as a ghost with the spying heart mirror? Hmmm…

    Thank you dear translator for your hard work.

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