100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 10


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I started this cross-stitch in 2014, I picked it back up from time to time throughout the years. Finally, 2022 hits and I wanted a finished piece. So I finished cross-stitching the image. Then I felt like it was missing something, like a/an saying/proverb/ idiom. I looked all over the web and couldn’t find anything dealing with love and hair-bushing, but I remembered one of the sentences that I translated from Jiu Lu Fei Xiang in Chapter 08: “一梳到头,白首不离/ With one stroke of this comb, inseparable until age of old.” So, that was what I cross-stitched onto the piece in both English and Chinese. I am very, very pleased with my handiwork, you guys.

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100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 10 ~ Ghost Corpse (Middle)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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On the fifteenth day of the first month, it was the Lantern Festival. On the east side of Justice Seal City, the fireworks were dazzlingly beautiful in the night sky. 

Su Tai gazed blankly up at the fleeting beauties in the night sky; in her mind’s eyes, images of Huo Yang’s smiling face as he rubbed her head kept surging up repeatedly: “I don’t know where you came from that you have never even seen fireworks before. When the next Lantern Festival comes around, I will take you to see the fireworks on the east side of Justice Seal City.” 

No one expected that this year’s Lantern Festival would turn out to be a separation of life and death. 

After crossing through thousands of mountains and rivers from the capital city of Xu Kingdom to the capital city of Wei Kingdom, she finally found Huo Yang’s residence, the Tranquility General Residence. However, she discovered that she had no way of approaching him. He was the Great General of Wei Kingdom, the emperor’s favorite; how could it be possible to meet him in person easily. 

In the beginning, their first encounter was the biggest mistake of their lives — she found Huo Yang when he was gravely injured, this kind of luck did not happen every day. 

Su Tai could not speak, so she did not know what else she could do. Therefore, all she could do was crouch at the door to the General Residence, waiting for a “chance encounter” with Huo Yang. Strangely enough, after Huo Yang’s triumphant return, he stayed in his residence all day, he did not leave nor did he attend court. As Su Tai waited for a fortnight, with each passing day, her hopes gradually died. 

Perhaps, their fate was really over. 

She was just thinking about it, when she suddenly heard the door to the General Residence make a “creak.” One after another, the guards inside filed out, clearing the area outside the mansion, and Su Tai had to be driven into a corner. 

When the red jujube-colored Liu Yue was led out of the door by a guard, Su Tai’s eyes lit up, it was his horse. 

A moment later, Huo Yang walked out of the mansion dressed in black clothes. 

This was the first time they met after four long months of separation. Huo Yang looked like he had lost some weight. Su Tai opened her mouth and almost made a sound. In desperation, she tried to run towards him, but her zombified legs made it inconvenient to do so. She almost jumped forward when a nearby soldier, who was afraid that she would frighten the general’s horse, punched her in the abdomen. In actuality, Su Tai was not in pain, she just unconsciously clutched her lower abdomen. When she lifted her head again, Liu Yue was just a trail of dust. 

Su Tai did not hesitate and immediately gave chase. 

In the midst of the Lantern Festival, the East Side Night Market was very lively. 

When Su Tai found Huo Yang, he was giving a teenage boy in bright clothes a lesson. A young married woman with a panicked look was standing behind Huo Yang, while onlookers all spurned the teenage boy, saying that he would not even spare a pregnant woman, so he should get beaten up. However, as they watched on, everyone’s faces gradually changed. Huo Yang’s moves were cruel, every hit was fatal. 

As vicious currents were radiating out of his eyes in waves, Su Tai knew that he was thirsting for blood.

Although on the battlefield, Huo Yang was a demon. However, in court, he was always forbearing and would never thirst for blood over some trivial matters. What did this teenage boy do to make him so angry… 

Seeing the teenage boy vomit foamy blood all over the ground, the young married woman was so scared that her legs went soft. As she fell to the ground, she clutched her belly and retched her heart out. When Huo Yang finally stopped, at this time a scholarly man holding a lantern in his hand hurriedly squeezed in from the crowd: “My wife! Are you okay?” 

“My husband!” When the young married woman received the man’s support, she leaned into his chest and quietly burst into tears. The man panicked: “Are you hurt anywhere? Will it affect the pregnancy?” 

As Huo Yang kicked away the teenage boy who had fainted, he turned to look at the married couple. Both of them were chilled by his gaze, finally, the scholarly man said: “Thank you very much… For your excellency’s helping hand.” 

When Huo Yang’s gaze fell on the woman’s belly, his eyes changed and he softly asked, “How far along are you?” 

“Almost… Five months along.”

Just for a moment, Huo Yang became somewhat absent-minded: “Is pregnancy difficult?” 

The woman was dumbfounded: “It’s just that I don’t have much of an appetite and I get tired easily.” She rubbed her belly as her expression suddenly became gentle, “But because of this baby, it doesn’t feel difficult.” 

Huo Yang suddenly remembered that day where Su Tai’s stomach only contained tree bark and grass roots. Although she was dead, her expression was still resolute and peaceful. She was like a resilient sword, without the slightest hint of fragility and softness of a woman. She also carried a stubbornness that could shock any man. Disregarding herself and the baby in her belly, she ruthlessly chose to live or die for her country… 

She really was a heroine! 

Huo Yang gritted his teeth with hate, but behind the turbulent hatred there was a hidden wound that ripped through his chest, pouring an ice-cold pain into the marrow of his bones, making him feel suffocated all day and all night. 

He turned away and went to sit astride the horse, Liu Yue, no longer watching the loving couple. 

Only then did Su Tai come back to her senses from the two questions that he had just asked. When she looked up, Huo Yang had already ridden his tall horse through the street full of lanterns; the image of his back became really blurry. Suddenly, Su Tai thought, if she did not say her last words, would she be able to continue to “live” forever? With him, “inseparable to age of old”…

This thought proliferated wildly like a weed. 

Huo Yang, who was on horseback, seemed to have sensed something and his eyes darted around. Su Tai turned around and the navy blue cloak hid her figure. Even though the street was noisy with people, Su Tai could still hear the sound of the horse’s hooves approaching. 

Did he… See her? 

As Su Tai nervously pulled at her clothes, her dead heart felt like it was beating again. Su Tai could not stop thinking about what his expression would be when they met again. Would his mental state be in chaos, or did he… Still care about her? 

Her lips curled up bitterly as she came to the conclusion that he should not care about her. What Huo Yang hated the most was betrayal and deception. She touched his bottom line, otherwise he would have accepted that letter of surrender; he must really hate her in his heart. 

While her mind was churning, she heard the sound of hooves stopping beside her. Then the stall owner’s solicitous voice came forth: “Guest, are you buying tiger-headed shoes? How old is your child?” 

“Five months.” His deep voice reached Su Tai’s ears clearly. She hid herself within the navy blue cloak and quietly moved off to the side. 

“Is it a boy or a girl?” 

When Huo Yang was silent for a long time, Su Tai could not stop herself from looking over. She saw him looking at his fingertips blankly, his calm face could not hide his desolation: “I… Don’t know.” 

The stall owner was immediately speechless. 

After Huo Yang left, Su Tai gently stroked the pair of tiger-headed shoes for little boys. She knew that their child was a very healthy boy.

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