100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 12


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 12 ~ Ghost Corpse (Middle)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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The wind and snow beyond the Great Wall were hectic, the people of Rong were fierce, but Huo Yang utilized his army like a genius. He forced the people of Rong to retreat almost to the mountain pass. The war lasted for a fortnight, the defeated people of Rong retreated in defeat by hundreds of miles. After Huo Yang’s victory, he still pursued them. His intention was to let the people of Rong know not to dare to send troops to invade the Wei Kingdom again in his lifetime. 

The longer the front line lasted, the longer it was dragged out, when Huo Yang realized that this was a plan to lure his soldiers into the abyss, it was already too late. 

In due course, Huo Yang led the Light Cavalry of three thousand soldiers to raid the Rong’s military camp. However, what laid in wait for them was only an empty military camp in the lowlands. Huo Yang ordered an immediate withdrawal, but there was no time, an army of thirty thousand Rong soldiers surrounded the troop of Wei soldiers. 

The Prince of Rong was arrogant and haughty, he had Huo Yang surrounded but did not rush in to attack. He stood aloft at a commanding height, excitedly enjoying the grave expressions frozen on the faces of the Wei soldiers, who were usually brave: “Huo Yang, this fight with you was an even match. It’s a pity that I, the prince, will have to kill you today.” 

The red jujube-colored Liu Yue stood out in the wind and snow, Huo Yang was wearing a black fur coat, his expression was calm, without any panic: “Prince, please don’t say that. It’s undeserving to you and also insulting to me.” 

The Prince’s face darkened, and he sneeringly said: “Since the general said so, so what if I, the prince, is insulting you.” He waved his hand, thirty thousand cavalry swarmed down and the bloody battle began instantly. No one noticed a thin, weak soldier in Rong attire quietly blended into the battlefield. 

On all four sides, there were sounds of fighting, just like the Xu Kingdom’s last defensive battle. Su Tai was slowly approaching Huo Yang, while he was riding atop the horse. Although he was easy to spot, he was not easy to save. Su Tai clenched her teeth, she agilely snatched a broadsword from a Wei soldier next to her, and knocked him unconscious with the back of the sword. When Su Tai turned around, the broadsword in her hand flew out and plunged straight into Liu Yue’s belly.

The Ferghana horse neighed immediately. Its front hooves flew out, killing many of the Rong soldiers who were besieging it. However, under the serious injury, the horse quickly lost its strength. Before its front hooves came back down, one of the Rong soldiers desperately rushed forward and chopped off its front legs. 

With a loud rumble, Liu Yue immediately collapsed. When Huo Yang jumped off the horse, the sword in his hand moved and four to five heads fell to the ground. He patted Liu Yue’s head with a pained expression. Then Huo Yang raised his head to look in Su Tai’s direction, his cold eyes filled with an unspeakable rage. 

Su Tai quietly revolved herself behind one of the Rong soldiers. She was still thinking about how to approach Huo Yang, when suddenly a low groan was heard in the air. 

He flew over and quickly chopped the person in front of Su Tai into two pieces. As the stench of blood splashed all over Su Tai, she looked up into Huo Yang’s bloodthirsty eyes. 

They came face to face with each other in such an unprepared situation. She saw the look in his eyes gradually went from bone-chillingly cold to utter disbelief. 

In the midst of the blood, the battlefield, and the endless slaughter, it seemed to make up for the moment that they did not get to see each other one last time in Xu Kingdom.

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2 thoughts on “100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 12

    1. Su Tai loves him so much, I don’t think she’s going to avenge her death. So I rather have him live in pain and her rest in peace. Wouldn’t that be an appropriate ending for them?


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