Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 69.02


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 69.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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After Xing Zhi reconstructed the seals on his own, the Ruins of Heavenly Poles no longer overflowed with miasma, so the breath in the Demon Realm became cleaner with each passing day. However, today, when she breathed in the air, the scent in the air was even fouler than before. On another thought, Xing Zhi did receive some backlashes from the Heavenly Laws recently, so it would affect everything that involved his divine powers like the tiles and rocks falling from the Outer Bounds of Heaven. Naturally,  the Ruins of Heavenly Poles that he created would not be spared either. It would also mean that the seals must have slackened.

The Demon Sovereign must be having a headache at this time…

Then Shen Li recalled Fu Sheng’s purpose that Xing Zhi had mentioned to her earlier. That guy had devious plans about the Ruins of Heavenly Poles. If he wanted to break the seals and release the demon beasts, would this not be a great time to do so?!

When Shen Li thought of it like that, she felt that she should not delay another moment and rode the clouds straight to the Demon Palace. However, before she could enter the Demon Palace, Shen Li’s body froze.

Involuntarily, Xing Zhi’s previous words came to her mind. Words about the Azure Sky Oceanic Pearl that the Demon Sovereign gave her, the Demon Sovereign taught her the ability to counterbalance the Azure Sky Oceanic Pearl, the Demon Sovereign even kept her in the dark… No matter how resolute Shen Li’s heart was, she would inevitably have some doubts about facing this series of events.

However, when she was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly heard a cry of surprise: “My lord!”

The vigilance of the soldiers in the Demon Realm was always much higher than that of the soldiers in the Heaven Realm. Shen Li looked down and saw that it was General Yi Sheng from the army. It was because of his shout that made everyone raise their heads. When they saw Shen Li, everyone became clamorously noisy for a while. Finally, an unknown person took the lead and knelt down on one knee, tucked in his chin, and bowed in salute. This was the highest formality in the Demon Realm’s army. Then all the soldiers followed his example, they placed their weapons down and bowed their heads to the ground, and said loudly: “Congratulations to the King’s victory!”

“Congratulations to the Azure Sky King’s victory!”

Shen Li did not win any victory. In the previous battle with Fu Sheng, it could be said that she had suffered a disastrous defeat. After losing the general and getting taken herself, if there was no betrayal from Mo Fang, who came to save her, and if she did not meet Xing Zhi, who was wandering the Eastern Sea, then it was very possible that she would have already died. However, she understood the “victory” in the mouths of the soldiers. This “victory” was not meant for her, but rather the soldiers were saying it to the Demon Realm’s army. For many soldiers, this king who was never defeated was the center of belief in their hearts. Additionally, to them, Shen Li’s existence was like a flag that would never collapse. If Shen Li died, it would not only hurt the strength of the Demon Realm, but also the morale of the army.

Now that she had returned, it was a great joy for the Demon Realm. Her safety was a victory.

Landing on the ground, Shen Li gave Yi Sheng a pat on the shoulder to signal him to get up.

Everyone had too many expectations for her, so these expectations were the reason why she still had to guard the territory of the Demon Realm no matter what.

“Everyone get up!” She raised her voice and shouted, “All of you quickly return to your posts, perform your duties, and make no mistake!”

As everyone accepted the order, a deep resounding “yes” echoed in the sky. Shen Li’s lips could not help but quirk up. Then she turned around to help Yi Sheng, who was still kneeling, stand up. Up and down, she sized him up: “How’s the army?” When Shen Li helped Yi Sheng up, his expressionless face carried a barely concealable excitement at this time: “To answer the King, everything is fine. Everyone was just waiting for you to return.”

Shen Li nodded and smiled: “I have returned.”

With a “thump,” Yi Sheng knelt down again. Startled, Shen Li asked: “What’s up?” Yi Sheng was silent for a long time before he said, “Before this, the news of the King’s death was reported to the Heaven Realm by this subordinate. At that time, the Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi just happened to be near the Heavenly Emperor’s side. In front of his face, I sincerely swore that the King died in battle, otherwise, I would be struck by lightning…” As if he lost all of his strength, he sat down on the ground and looked up at Shen Li, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “My lord, this time, you have really harmed this subordinate!”

When Shen Li heard his words, she laughed heartily: “If Xing Zhi really wants to strike you with lightning, I will bear it for you!”

Yi Sheng hurriedly said: “My lord, you have just returned. You need to recuperate. This lightning, I will endure it! I will take it on! If by enduring a few lightning strikes in exchange for my Demon Realm’s Azure Sky King, then I, Yi Sheng, am willing to suffer lightning strikes every day!”

Suppressing the smile on Shen Li’s face, she only patted him on the shoulder: “Go and do your own business. I have something important to discuss with the Demon Sovereign, so I’ll be going first.”

No matter what the Demon Sovereign’s plan was, no matter how he treated her all these years, Shen Li thought to herself, if he could manage an army that everyone was willing to put the effort in for the Demon Realm, then how could such a person be detrimental to the Demon Realm and how could he harm the child that he raised with his own hands?

After knocking on the door of the Demon Sovereign’s sleeping chamber, Shen Li waited quietly outside for a moment. Suddenly, she heard the person inside cough a few times before saying: “What’s the matter?”

She had heard this voice since she was a child, but today, there was a lot of tiredness and hoarseness in this voice. At this moment, Shen Li threw all of the conspiracies and suspicions aside. She pushed the door in and walked around the screen with familiarity. She walked to the divan and saw the Demon Sovereign lying on the bed, Shen Li’s expression revealed her pain: “Why’s the injury still not healed?”

Upon seeing Shen Li, the Demon Sovereign immediately sat up from the bed. However, due to his excitement, he experienced a coughing fit.

Shen Li sat down by his bedside and patted his back lightly. The Demon Sovereign reached out and grabbed her wrist, holding it so tightly, as if he was afraid that she would run away: “Ah Li, I knew that you could not die that easily.” He coughed and said, “Master always believed that you were still alive.”

In an instant, Shen Li’s eyes turned red: “Master… This disciple is unfilial…”

The Demon Sovereign shook his head: “You’ve returned…Hack! It’s great that you’ve returned.”


The author has something to say: Shen Li’s history is about to be revealed~ I can see that there’s no one who’s guessing it right~~ Ah~ I instantly have an idea of ​​​​initiating an activity. If someone guesses Shen Li’s history correctly, then private message me on Weibo, leave your address, and let Ah Jiu send you a moon cake~

How about it~ Is there anyone who wants to play~ Twist~

I thought about it and added the rules:

1. In case there are too many people who guess correctly, Ah Jiu can’t afford to send out so many… orz, so let’s limit the number of people who guess, in sequential order, the top three who get it right will get the mooncakes.

2. Readers who want to leave a message will be limited to this chapter only~ This is a convenient way for Ah Jiu to differentiate the time

3. Tomorrow, which is the 15th, Shen Li’s history will be revealed in the next chapter. In the next “the author has something to say,” the winner will be announced. If you win, please take the initiative to contact me and leave an address!

But Ah Jiu thinks that… No one can guess it ╮(╯▽╰)╭ [This is the rhythm of seeking death]

Today, Ah Jiu was so stupid. Last night, after writing the manuscript and saving it, I went to sleep and did not have the time to change the manuscript box! So the manuscript has not been sent out, TAT, forgive me for this stupidity B…orz

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