100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 20


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 20 ~ Ghost Painting (Ending)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Just outside the Liu Mansion, the demon fox suddenly exclaimed: “What bad luck! The restriction that I set up for that painting has been broken!”

Jing Ning frowned and narrowed his eyes slightly. The demon fox was so scared that she cried out: “Ancient Immortal! This little demon will never dare to do anything outrageous under your eyes. It was because you had just chopped off one of this little demon’s tails, which caused this little demon’s demonic force to reduce greatly and the grudgeful ghost was able to break through! If you delay, Ancient Immortal, I’m afraid that little demon painting’s life will be lost!”

“Since that’s the case.” As Jing Ning nodded, his hand flipped over and a compass suddenly appeared in his palm. The demon fox turned around and wanted to run away, but suddenly she felt a huge suction grab her. She turned her head back in horror. It was too late to show any other expression, she was sucked into the compass. Only her mournful wail was heard in the air: “Black-bellied Taoist priest!”

When he entered Liu Mansion, Jing Ning immediately felt the yin energy was soaring sky-high, and the people in the mansion were nowhere to be seen. He went to Miss Liu’s boudoir according to his memory from the last time he was there. From far away, he heard the scholar’s cries: “For as long as the world lasts, this hatred will never end! Liu’er, you betrayed me!” After saying this, an evil wind blew out from the boudoir in broad daylight.

Jing Ning frowned slightly, this grudgeful ghost’s energy was too hostile. If he wanted to deal with this ghost, then he could only scatter his soul so that he could never be reincarnated again.

“You’re really something!” Jing Ning paused and heard Mo Hua’s scolding voice coming from inside: “You’re a dignified seven-foot-tall man who’s crying and wailing like a resentful woman, you honestly think you’re really something?!”

“Sniff-sniff… Mo Hua’er, don’t hit me. Don’t hit me, I won’t cry anymore. But that Liu’er betrayed me. In three days time, she will marry someone else. How… How can I not be sad?”

As Jing Ning stepped through the door, he just happened to see the people in Liu Mansion lying on the ground, while the scholar-turned-malicious ghost was being chased and flogged by Mo Hua, who was looking extremely pale.

Jing Ning frowned and his footsteps stopped silently.

After a few steps of chasing him, Mo Hua was so tired that she kept panting for air. She threw the broken willow branch at the scholar and scolded: “Since you have broken through the demon fox’s restriction, then you should behave yourself and go reincarnate! What are you doing, being a malicious ghost, do you have that kind of energy?!”

Beaten, the scholar melancholically squatted under the willow tree: “I want to be with Liu’er, I can’t let her marry someone else.”

“Fool, even if she doesn’t marry someone else, she can’t marry you, you…” Mo Hua’s words seemed to hit the scholar’s sore spot. As his eyes turned red, he suddenly bellowed at Mo Hua: “Shut up! Since I’m no longer alive, then just let Liu’er die with me!” As he spoke, he swooped toward the unconscious Liu Family’s young lady like a wolf.

With a swing of Jing Ning’s hand, he threw a talisman out and stuck it directly onto the scholar’s forehead. When a “whoosh” was heard, the scholar appeared to be on fire, rolling back and forth on the ground as if he was in excruciating pain.

Startled, Mo Hua rushed forward, ignoring the talisman that almost burned her fingers off. From the scholar’s forehead, she frantically tore off the talisman and looked at Jing Ning with a complicated expression: “This will make his soul scatter into ashes…”

Jing Ning’s expression was indifferent as always: “So what, he has become a malicious ghost.”

Mo Hua stared at him expressionlessly for a while, then said hesitatingly: “Using that method, he can’t be reincarnated again.”

Jing Ning looked at the unease and strange sadness in the depths of her eyes. He felt that such an expression should not appear in Mo Hua’s world. This lassie’s only responsibility was to say unfathomable things to make him happy, this was all she needed to do.

“Whoever hinders Liu’er and I from reuniting needs to f**k off!” The scholar howled like a madman, rushing towards Jing Ning.

Mo Hua turned pale with fright. In her opinion, Jing Ning did not have the ability to go head-to-head against such a malicious ghost. So, she used the last bit of her demonic power to jump in front of Jing Ning, wanting to use her body as a shield to block the attack for him.

He felt the warm body hugging him tightly. This little demon painting was so weak that she was beyond recognition. He suspected that the bottle of spiritual pills was directly expelled from her body without even passing through her digestive system. To have such a poor absorption rate was also a strange thing. However, it was this fragile thing that made a vain attempt to protect him using her own life.

In Jing Ning’s mind, he felt that this demon painting was really stupid. She simply fell in love with a person, simply tried her best to protect that person, and did not even think about whether it was worth it or not. However, it was because of this stupid action, his heart could not help but suddenly beat faster.

With one of his hands, he embraced Mo Hua’s waist, placing her off to the side and protecting her behind him. With his other hand, he made a seal in the air. With a tap of his index finger, a clear and bright light swept out, directly washing the evil energy from the scholar’s body.

“Divine Purification Technique?” From Jing Ning’s arms, Mo Hua dazedly looked up, “Master… Have you become an immortal already?”

“Maybe just about. I, your master, have already forgotten about it.”

For a while, Mo Hua was stunned. Then she poked Jing Ning’s chest fiercely: “Why did you pretend to be so weak before!”

“It’s more fun this way.”

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