[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 37 – 38 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I love most about today’s episodes are Mo Qing’s interactions in Qi Zhi Di and Zhao Yao trying to explain to a jealous Mo Qing!

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Episode 37

~~ Leaving Gu Han Guang’s Place ~~

After the party, Zhi Yan drunkenly caught up to Zhao Yao and Mo Qing. She confronted Zhao Yao for being angry for too long and hard to pacify. Zhi Yan understood that Zhao Yao purposely ignored her and knowingly allowed her to get drunk. Zhi Yan told Zhao Yao how she felt when Zhao Yao disappeared and she blamed herself for what happened. However, she could not stand by and let Cang Ling die, so she made a choice to go save him. But in making that choice, she did not know that something would happen to Zhao Yao. She knew she was wrong and asked Zhao Yao to forgive her and Zhao Yao finally did.

Zhi Yan gave Zhao Yao an hand-embroidered handkerchief as an apology present which looked like two colorful quails. Zhao Yao accepted it and said that she likes it because the ducks had character. Mo Qing asked if the birds were supposed to be mandarin ducks. Zhi Yan put him in his place, the birds were phoenixes, what does he know?! (Um, If we are going to debate, I want to correct all y’all… The birdies are FREAKING QUAILS!)

~~ Jiang Wu’s Hideout ~~

Jiang Wu and one of his friend was playing a game. His other friend told him about the rumors about what happened at Wan Lu Sect. The important part was that Jiang Wu heard Mo Qing was kissed by the former Sect Leader, Lu Zhao Yao. Jiang Wu was surprised that Mo Qing did not resist because he thought that Mo Qing loves Little Beauty. So Jiang Wu went to Wan Lu Sect to investigate.

~~ Liu Cang Ling ~~

Zhi Yan came to bid farewell to Liu Cang Ling. They both had a sad departure.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Mo Qing was talking to Si Ma Rong through the mirror. He wanted Si Ma Rong to track down Lin Zi Yu. Si Ma Rong was surprise. Mo Qing wanted her to be punished for her crimes and to protect Zhao Yao because Lin Zi Yu is a threat to Zhao Yao’s safety. Si Ma Rong wanted to discuss this matter in person.

Zhao Yao came in to visit Mo Qing. She asked him how his injury was healing. Mo Qing assured her that he was fine and his wounds are healing. (Liar!)

Shi Qi and Qin Qian Xian came into Wu E Hall. Qin Qian Xian wanted to thank Mo Qing for his hospitality and bid everyone farewell. Qin Qian Xian was leaving because there are rumors going around about how he admire Zhao Yao and kept her body hidden. Before he could finish his goodbyes, the black aura on Qin Qian Xian’s wound flare up and he fainted.

Gu Han Guang treated Qin Qian Xian’s wound and asked how he got that wound. Shi Qi answered that he was injured by Jiang Wu. Gu Han Guang told Mo Qing that his wound and Qin Qian Xian’s were similar. Qin Qian Xian’s wound was not serious, he just need several days of rest. Therefore, Big Beauty is not going anywhere anytime soon. He told Zhao Yao and Shi Qi to leave but they protested why. Gu Han Guang said they were too noisy. Mo Qing asked them to take Qin Qian Xian back to his quarters. 

After the ladies left, Gu Han Guang wanted to know about Mo Qing’s black aura. However, Mo Qing refused to tell him and asked him not to tell Zhao Yao. Gu Han Guang angrily left Wu E Hall. Mo Qing ordered someone to take him to Si Ma Rong’s house.

~~ Zhao Yao’s Room ~~

Zhi Yan moped around after Cang Ling left. Zhao Yao and Shi Qi came in to check on Zhi Yan. Then came Jiang Wu and he told Little Beauty that it has been awhile. Then he saw Lu Zhao Yao and had a flashback of him in an ice cave shedding tears for the iced-up Zhao Yao.

Then Shi Qi attacked Jiang Wu but she was no match for him. Jiang Wu reached out to touch Zhao Yao’s face but she conjured a sword and cut his face before he touched her face. Zhao Yao told him that Wan Lu Sect was not a place where he can cause trouble. He recognized Zhao Yao’s personality and knew the Zhi Yan that he likes was her. Then he left and told Zhao Yao that she belonged to him.

After Jiang Wu left, Mo Qing returned to Wan Lu Sect. Mo Qing was told that Jiang Wu was there and he rushed to Zhao Yao’s room. He heard Shi Qi telling him that Jiang Wu tried to make advances on Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao had to calm Mo Qing down.

~~ The Cave ~~

Jiang Wu’s subordinate said that his brother was trapped in a strange cave. Since Jiang Wu was particularly happy, he and his men went to take a look. Jiang Wu sensed something wrong with the cave but gave orders to his men to dig and rescue the trapped brother by hand. (It’s Mo Qing’s old cave.)

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Zhao Yao, Mo Qing, Shi Qi and Qin Qian Xian were playing mahjong. Zhao Yao won the round and happily demanded her winnings but then she puffed up into fireworks again. Mo Qing was frightened, he ran to the tree in front of Zhao Yao’s grave because he remembered Zhao Yao telling him that there was a portal to Qi Zhi Di in the tree knot.

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Mo Qing got to the tree and placed his hand into the knot. He discovered that he can go through the portal because he experienced life and death through using the Nine Heavens Ritual. (YES!)

Mo Qing walked through the portal to Qi Zhi Di. He came across the Tea Shop Boss and asked for directions to the Kong Kong Shop. (Mo Qing saw his daddy again but he doesn’t know it yet.)

~~ Kong Kong Shop ~~

Zhao Yao discovered that she poof back into Kong Kong Shop. She demanded to know why she exploded again. They argued about the latent effects of the Ultimate Kong Kong Pill, that Zhao Yao could not blame the Shop Boss because he told her that there would be consequences but she took it anyways, and that there needs to be a solution.

Zhao Yao got angry and wanted to hit the Shop Boss but was stopped by Zi You. Zi You reminded her that she will go to jail again. Zi You told Zhao Yao that the since she has been gone, they discovered the pill’s hidden effect.

Zi You told Zhao Yao that she will explode five times and the time between each explosion will get shorter, she will get weaker, and after five explosions she will die. Zhao Yao looked up from the Shop Boss and saw Mo Qing already standing in the room. He heard everything. Zhao Yao demanded to know when they will find a solution. Shop Boss said that there is a solution but they need time to find it. (What a liar, if there’s no solution to the problem then just say so!) Then he told her that he would contact her as soon as they find the solution. Zhao Yao scoffed at that. (She would probably already be dead.)

Mo Qing asked what pill did Zhao Yao buy and that he wanted to buy one, too. Apparently, Mo Qing was richer than Zhao Yao. The Shop Boss sold Mo Qing the pill. As the Shop Boss was laughing, Mo Qing threw the pill into his mouth and he accidentally swallowed it. Mo Qing coldly asked him if he can quickly find a solution now. The Shop Boss ran to the back to tell his subordinates that they need to find the antidote to the Ultimate Kong Kong Pill. Zhao Yao told Mo Qing that when he does evil stuff, he could be just as evil as she. Anyways, Zhao Yao was still bummed that Mo Qing has money. Zi You quipped that maybe Mo Qing has done more good deeds than her.

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Episode 38

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Outside, Zhao Yao asked Mo Qing how did he find Qi Zhi Di. She guessed that it was because he experienced life and death from casting the Nine Heavens Ritual.

Zhao Yao: I will still explode three more times. Next time, when you don’t see me, be good, and wait for me to return. Don’t make yourself suffer again. My heart will ache.

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao, before there was a person who told me to wait for him, but he never return. I’m scared that you will also not return.

Zhao Yao: Don’t be scared. I will definitely come back.

Mo Qing: I will definitely not let anything happen to you.

Zhao Yao: I guarantee that I will definitely not let anything happen to myself. Therefore, Ugly Little Monster, you should also love yourself a little.

They hugged in the streets and Zhao Yao heard Cao Ning calling her name. Zhao Yao tried to hide by looking the other way. Bossy mother-in-law was wondering why she was not able to find Zhao Yao for a few days. It was because Zhao Yao has found new happiness. (Mo Qing!) Bossy mother-in-law reminded  Zhao Yao that she still has an unresolved engagement with her son.

Mo Qing: Engagement?

Zhao Yao: I’ll explain it to you later.

Zhao Yao dragged Mo Qing out of Qi Zhi Di. Bossy mother-in-law chased after them but was held back by Cao Ning. Then mother berated her son for being stupid.

~~ Zhao Yao’s Gravesite ~~

Mo Qing angrily stomped away and Zhao Yao ran after him.

Zhao Yao: About that, I can explain it. I had no other choice. Fine, it’s true, the marriage was real. Oh, come on, this crime doesn’t deserve death.

Mo Qing: Marriage?

Zhao Yao explained that when Luo Ming Xuan was reawakened she could not stand aside. Also, her powers were weak so she had to borrow the strength of the Kong Kong Pill. The Kong Kong Pill was very expensive so she wanted to find someone to help her buy it but in that place, the pill could only be purchased by other family members.

Mo Qing: So you sold yourself?

Zhao Yao: I didn’t! Okay, it could be considered half sold but I guarantee that he and I were married in name only. After I repay the money I owe him, we will end this husband and wife relationship.

Mo Qing: Husband and wife relationship?

Zhao Yao: Are you really mad?

He ignored her while she tugged on his sleeve and pouty-liped whined. He sighed.

Mo Qing: What can I do to make you extremely wealthy in Qi Zhi Di?

Zhao Yao: By doing good deeds.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Mo Qing used his power as Sect Leader and ordered everyone to do good deeds in Lu Zhao Yao’s name. While North Mountain’s disciples would do good deeds in Cao Ning’s name.

Therefore, all the disciples went to find Zhi Yan for lessons on doing good deeds.

~~ Cang Shu Pavilion ~~

Shi Qi brought Qin Qian Xian some dessert and he suggested that she join him in reading books. She happily obliged while nibbling on the dessert, flipping through the pages, and taking sweet glances at Big Beauty. Qin Qian Xian came across a Liu Dao Jin Gang Zhen Fa. (Translated as Six Direction Diamond Spell Formation, it seems important for later on.)

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing went to the bank to check on her wealth. Zhao Yao was ecstatic because she is finally rich! Then they went to Kong Kong Shop to see if the antidote was created yet. While there, Zi You greeted Mo Qing as big brother-in-law. Mo Qing smiled. (So cute!) The Shop Boss told them that there was no antidote. What they needed to do was to find an enormous energy source to push into Zhao Yao’s body because the pill sucks her energy that was why she explodes. Therefore, they need to find a bigger source of energy to cancel each other out and her poofing days would be solved. Anyways, Mo Qing purchased another Ultimate Kong Kong Pill to take to Si Ma Rong to examine.

Outside, Zhao Yao was confronted by her angry mother-in-law. The mother-in-law was upset and angry because the good deeds done by North Mountain disciples helped Cao Ning to earn enough merit to ascend to the heavens. Now, mother is all alone in Qi Zhi Di. (No one for her to boss around. I bet Cao Ning was relieved to have escaped her wrath.) Anyways, mother-in-law threw a tantrum on the street, Mo Qing dragged Zhao Yao away.

Zhao Yao: We’re not getting the divorce paper anymore?

Mo Qing: You’re now a widow, who’s going to write it?

Zhao Yao: Because of two Kong Kong pills, now I have the title of a widow.

Mo Qing: Say no more! (He’s going to get the title of a second hubby!)

In the background, the mother-in-law started chasing after them. Zhao Yao took Mo Qing to escape to Si Ma Rong’s tree knot as a shortcut.

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