[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 39 – 40 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I like most about today’s episodes are about Si Ma Rong and Xiao Yuan Lian (Wooden Human Yue Zhu). Oh, and I am really worried about Qin Qian Xian. Man, people are out to get his Big Beauty butt!

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Episode 39

~~ Zhao Yao Practicing ~~

Lu Zhao Yao was practicing her magic but she did not have enough power to produce the effect she wanted when she tried to slice the tree. She expressed her disappointment with her body and said that from now on she would have to depend on Ugly Little Monster. She looked unhappy. (Let’s face it, she’s a bad-ass demoness, no way would she want to be protected by another person forever, even if it’s Mo Qing. She wants to be able to kick some ass, too!)

~~ Si Ma Rong’s House ~~

Xiao Yuan Lian showed Si Ma Rong the painting of Yue Zhu. She told Si Ma Rong that he needed to fix the painting because her ears are not like that. Si Ma Rong refused and told her to put it back in the library. He told her that he had to go to Wan Lu Sect and told her to be safe at home. She refused and walked away.

~~ Gu Han Guang’s Place ~~

Gu Han Guang healed Qin Qian Xian’s wound and said that Qin Qian Xian was the most cooperative patient that he had at Wan Lu Sect. (Of course, Mo Qing and Zhao Yao angers him to death because they don’t listen to the doctor’s orders.) Then Shi Qi and Zhi Yan came to visit him.

Qin Qian Xian: I have nearly recovered and will return to Qian Chen Sect later. But I will wait until Lu Zhao Yao is okay.

Zhi Yan: Big Uncle, you can’t really towards the demoness have…

Qin Qian Xian: Absolutely have nothing to do with romantic love.

Shi Qi: What do you mean? In the end, do you like the Sect Leader or not? But only I can like Sect Leader. That Ugly Little Monster, Sect Leader likes him, just forget it. But the Sect Leader doesn’t like you, so you cannot like her, do you understand?

Then Gu Han Guang’s subordinate came in to tell Qin Qian Xian that Si Ma Rong was looking for him. While waiting for Qin Qian Xian to appear, Si Ma Rong and Mo Qing talked a little.

Si Ma Rong: Chen Lan, if the Zhao Yao that came back was fake would you still love her?

Mo Qing: I only love one Lu Zhao Yao.

Si Ma Rong: One person… Yes… Originally there was only one. (Dead Yue Zhu vs. Wooden Human Xiao Yuan Lian.)

Qin Qian Xian appeared. Si Ma Rong asked him to examine the Ultimate Kong Kong Pill from Qi Zhi Di. Anyways, Qin Qian Xian told them about the spell formation that he found in Cang Shu Pavilion, the Six Direction Diamond Spell Formation. This spell has an effect to reconstruct the human body, therefore, Zhao Yao’s exploding problem should be solved. This spell needs a magic sword (Liu He Tian Yi Sword) to be its guide, a magic relic (Qin Qian Xian’s relic) for its energy, and a celestial master (Qin Qian Xian) to direct the energy to create the spell. Therefore, Qin Qian Xian left to go to Qian Chen Sect to get the magic relic.

~~ Si Ma Rong’s House ~~

Lin Zi Yu came by to kill Si Ma Rong but he was not home. She saw Xiao Yuan Lian looking at the painting and told her that it was somebody else in the painting and that she was a piece of wood. Then Lin Zi Yu gave an order to burn Si Ma Rong’s house.

When Wan Lu Sect heard about Si Ma Rong’s house caught on fire, Mo Qing, Zhao Yao, and he rushed over. Si Ma Rong found Xiao Yuan Lian up against the tree that Yue Zhu and him planted. He flopped out of his wheelchair to get close to Xiao Yuan Lian.

Si Ma Rong: Yue Zhu, I will definitely fix you.

Xiao Yuan Lian: A Rong, you don’t need to fix me. I am a wooden person. I am not in pain. I know now, I am fake. I am not the real Yue Zhu. Little Horse is you but Little Pig is not me. The real Yue Zhu doesn’t have wooden ears. A Rong, there’s only one Yue Zhu. I don’t want to be the fake one.

Si Ma Rong: Yue Zhu, listen to me.

Xiao Yuan Lian: No, I will not listen. My body is not even in a little bit of pain but my heart is really in pain. It’s just that from now on, I will never see the Chinese crab-apple flower petals falling again. A Rong, you definitely have to take really good care of yourself.

Then he put Xiao Yuan Lian away, unsure if he should fix or not fix her.

~~ Qian Chen Sect ~~

Qin Qian Xian came back to retrieve the magic relic and abdicate his position as Qian Chen Sect Leader. However, his disciples begged him not to do that. Even though, he owned up to his mistakes and told his disciples the truth about the rumors that were going around about Lu Zhao Yao and Jiang Wu. They still wanted to follow him.

As Qian Chen Sect’s disciples were studying, other celestial sects surrounded their place. Then Jiang Wu came and threatened Qin Qian Xian if he did not appear, Jiang Wu was going to kill his disciples.

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Episode 40

~~ Qian Chen Sect ~~

While the other celestial sects attacked Qian Chen Sect, Qin Qian Xian fought Jiang Wu in an alternate reality, his mind. Qin Qian Xian was about to win but he was threatened by Jiang Wu that if he went through with killing Jiang Wu, his black aura will kill everyone outside. So Qin Qian Xian withdrew and Jiang Wu absorbed all of his powers.

Jiang Wu left and then the other celestial sects kneeled to give thanks to Qin Qian Xian for saving their lives. Qin Qian Xian gave his lead disciple the magic relic to give to Wan Lu Sect. Then his lead disciple announced from this day on that Qian Chen Sect and Zong Sect will no longer be involved with each other. Qin Qian Xian fainted.

~~ Jiang Wu’s Hideout ~~

When Jiang Wu was playing his favorite game of being the last person to survive in the dungeon, he wanted to kill the winner but he was not able to do it. Then Jiang Wu appeared within his mind and found Qin Qian Xian there.

A part of Qin Qian Xian resided inside Jiang Wu, Qin Qian Xian was preventing Jiang Wu from killing people.

~~ Qian Chen Sect ~~

Zhi Yan and Shi Qi went to visit Qin Qian Xian. His lead disciple said that he was in a deep sleep and did not know when he will wake up. His lead disciple gave Zhi Yan the magic relic and they went back to Wan Lu Sect to see if they could find a way to get Qin Qian Xian wake up.

~~ Qing Bo Hall ~~

Si Ma Rong told Mo Qing about Qin Qian Xian’s current state. Mo Qing got mad and swiped things off his desk. Even with the magic relic, the Heart Lotus, in their possession, it was useless because they did not know how to utilize the energy in the relic. Therefore, Mo Qing said he would go to Qi Zhi Di to see if the Shop Boss have anything new. During all this, Zhao Yao was outside eavesdropping.

Zhao Yao: Ugly Litter Monster lost his temper with you? I am a little bit jealous.

Si Ma Rong: You are optimistic.

Zhao Yao: Many years have passed, I have died and I have lived. I still truly don’t have anything that I’m scared of, but my only current fear is when that Ugly Little Monster gets heart-broken.

Then Zhao Yao told Si Ma Rong that she was going to find Mo Qing.

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