[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 53 – 54 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

These two episodes were a pain to recap but here it is!

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Episode 53

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Zhao Yao was at Cang Shu Pavilion to find a way to save Mo Qing. She refused to eat and just busily went through the books.


While Zhao Yao was in Cang Shu Pavilion, Mo Qing had a dream about killing everyone in Wan Lu Sect. So he tricked Shi Qi to go tell Zhao Yao that he wanted to talk to her. Shi Qi left, and Mo Qing went to lock himself up in the secret room. (It’s a secret room that they use to practice cultivation for a long length of time.)

Zhao Yao got the news from Shi Qi. She rushed over to find him. Zhao Yao was outside the door trying to convince Mo Qing to let her in.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing! Mo Qing, I know that you are inside. Let me see you one more time. Just one more time, okay? Mo Qing!

Mo Qing tried to ignored her and refused to let her in. Zhao Yao left to go back to Cang Shu Pavilion and continue her search.


In the secret room, Mo Qing was being tormented by his inner demon. His inner demon showed him the scene when he was first captured and the celestial sects wanted to execute him. His inner demon told him to pick up Wan Jun Sword and become one with him. He told Mo Qing to stop waiting because Zhao Yao was not coming. Mo Qing screamed and picked up the sword and tried to kill himself. Then the image disappeared.

Wan Jun Dragon told Mo Qing that he cannot hide from him. Wherever Mo Qing was, he would be there, too. They were meant to be one from the very beginning. Then Wan Jun Sword flew in and appeared before Mo Qing.

Mo Qing’s right hand wanted to pick up the sword. Mo Qing could not fight it, picked up the sword, and wanted to kill himself again.

Mo Qing’s attempt was stopped by Wan Jun Dragon and the dragon passed into Mo Qing’s body. Then Evil Mo Qing left and went to Wu E Hall.

He slaughtered Wan Lu Sect’s disciples and hurt Shi Qi and Si Ma Rong. Zhao Yao appeared and told Zhi Yan to take Shi Qi and Si Ma Rong and leave Wan Lu Sect.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing fought for a little bit, and then she grabbed the front of his robe and transported them away.


Zhao Yao and them waited for Mo Qing to wake up. Mo Qing said that his heart was empty, he currently could not feel the inner demon. Mo Qing’s inner demon was temporarily controlled and Shi Qi, Zhi Yan, and Si Ma Rong left to give the lovebirds space.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing, I love you.

Mo Qing: I know.

Zhao Yao: I cannot endure it if something happens to you, even a little.

Mo Qing: Me, too.

Zhao Yao: In the future, we will definitely be well.

Mo Qing: We definitely will.

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

Luo Ming Xuan was planning to deal with Qin Qian Xian. Luo Ming Xuan wanted to use Qin Qian Xian to make Zhao Yao leave Wan Lu Sect.

~~ Qian Chen Sect ~~

Luo Ming Xuan went to Qian Chen Sect to force Qin Qian Xian to go with him to Feng Mountain.

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Zhao Yao and them found out that Qin Qian Xian was taken hostage by Luo Ming Xuan. Zhao Yao left to go save Qin Qian Xian while everybody else stayed at Wan Lu Sect to protect Mo Qing.

Precisely what Luo Ming Xuan wanted, to lure Zhao Yao away from Wan Lu Sect. He dropped in on Wan Lu Sect to kidnap Mo Qing.

Luo Ming Xuan beat up Shi Qi and everyone, then he saw Mo Qing. Luo Ming Xuan used his powers to suck Mo Qing’s neck into his outstretched hand.

Luo Ming Xuan: You actually lost all your powers. *laughed* Not willing to use Wan Jun Sword, you are just a useless thing!

As Luo Ming Xuan was tormenting Mo Qing, Zhu Ji appeared in the nick of time.

Luo Ming Xuan: Who are you?

Zhu Ji: *turned to look at Mo Qing* In this lifetime, I have not done anything for you. Finally, let me do this one thing.

Mo Qing: Father.

Zhu Ji turned back and rushed at Luo Ming Xuan. Zhu Ji sacrificed his life, dissipated his body, and attacked Luo Ming Xuan’s left arm. Luo Ming Xuan groaned in pain.

Then Mo Qing rushed at Luo Ming Xuan. He blocked Mo Qing’s attack and then, kidnapped Mo Qing.

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

After kidnapping Mo Qing back to Feng Mountain, Luo Ming Xuan was trying to heal his left arm. The wound on his left arm blistered from the palm of his hand to his shoulder. Along with the blisters, there was an essence of dark aura.


In the dungeon, Mo Qing was visited by Lin Zi Yu.

Lin Zi Yu: Tomorrow, Luo Ming Xuan wants to publicly execute you to create an inescapable trap. Wan Lu Sect cannot save you. She cannot save you either. Only I can save you. These past years that I was by your side, all I thought of and think about was you. Why must it be her? Can’t I take her place?

Mo Qing: No one can. There is only one Lu Zhao Yao.

Lin Zi Yu: There is only one Lu Zhao Yao. *she cried and snorted* But don’t you know there is also only one Zi Yu?

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Episode 54

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Zhao Yao used the Spying Heart Mirror to communicate with Mo Qing in Feng Mountain’s dungeon.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing, wait for me.

Mo Qing: Okay.


Zhao Yao and them were at Wu E Hall planning for tomorrow’s battle at Feng Mountain.

Zhi Yan mentioned that Zhao Yao’s Liu He Tian Yi Sword was still in Luo Ming Xuan’s hands, so she needed a weapon. Zhao Yao replied that her weapon was located outside Feng Ming Hall. (She’s going to take Jiang Wu’s sword.)

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

The next day, everyone assembled for the celestial sect meeting. Luo Ming Xuan announced that it was his duty to execute the Demon King’s son, Mo Qing, and create peace for all people.

Luo Ming Xuan announced all the things that Mo Qing was guilty of. Mo Qing was guilty for being the Demon King’s son, Wan Lu Sect’s Sect Leader, massacring Yue Nan Sect, killing everyone in Xu Zong Sect for the forbidden technique, etc.

Then Liu Cang Ling appeared with Zhi Yan, Li Ya Zi (Xu Zong Sect’s only surviving disciple), and his disciples. Li Ya Zi said that it was Luo Ming Xuan who killed his entire Xu Zong Sect. Then Luo Ming Xuan tried to stealthily kill Li Ya Zi in front of everybody.


Shi Qi was given the mission to find Qin Qian Xian and get him out of Feng Mountain.

She found Qin Qian Xian but he was unable to leave because there was a force field surrounding the room. So Qin Qian Xian decided to try to teach Shi Qi some magic. (Did he not know that Shi Qi cannot learn magic? Magic doesn’t affect her and she can’t learn magic…)


Zhao Yao arrived outside of Feng Ming Hall and a remnant of Jiang Wu was waiting for her. He lifted his sword and handed to Zhao Yao. (Great background music.)

Then Jiang Wu walked away and dissipated.


Zhao Yao walked into Feng Ming Hall carrying Jiang Wu’s sword. Zhao said that Luo Ming Xuan was the true demon!

Luo Ming Xuan and Zhao Yao fought.

Then everyone else started to fight as well.

Luo Ming Xuan slashed Zhao Yao’s sword in half and blasted her away. She crashed into the phoenix statue.

As Luo Ming Xuan was about to stab Zhao Yao, he was stabbed by Song Yi from behind with the other piece of Zhao Yao’s sword. (Just so out of nowhere! Song Yi is not even that strong, how did he get himself onto the floating Feng Ming Hall?)

Luo Ming Xuan blasted Song Yi away and he died.

Then Mo Qing shouted to Zhao Yao that Luo Ming Xuan’s weakness was in his palm. Zhao Yao took the broken sword and it at Luo Ming Xuan’s left hand. Then Zhao Yao blasted Luo Ming Xuan away.

Luo Ming Xuan was in agony, dark aura started to emanate out of his body.


Then the Jiang Wu’s remnant appeared again. He looked at Zhao Yao and smiled.

She lifted his sword in a gesture to return it, and then Jiang Wu and the sword dissipated forever.


Zhao Yao picked up Liu He Tian Yi Sword and pointed it at him. He blasted her away again.

Luo Ming Xuan finally went to the dark side and his power grew immensely.

Luo Ming Xuan: True face? If this is the appearance needed to accomplish the Great Way, then I should be looking like this!

Luo Ming Xuan: The sufferings that I endured will become the light that falls upon all living things in the future. All sacrifices are for the achievement of the Great Way. (In case you are wondering, the Great Way is the way of justice/ righteousness.)

Luo Ming Xuan used his power and grabbed Jin Xiu.

Luo Ming Xuan: Today’s martyr will start with you.

Luo Ming Xuan sucked Jin Xiu’s power and blasted him away.

Then Luo Ming Xuan grabbed and binded Zhao Yao with his magical force.

Zhao Yao: Luo Ming Xuan! You are cruelly crazed!

Luo Ming Xuan: Having no emotions and no desires will accomplish the Great Way.

Zhao Yao: If you have no emotions and no desires, then what’s the use of accomplishing the Great Way?

Then he unleashed his fire phoenixes of darkness and attacked everyone.

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One thought on “[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 53 – 54 Highlights

  1. Hi, thanks for the highlights. Some of the parts felt so sudden and loss. I’ve been wondering what happened between the time when Zhao Yao transported Mo Qing and when Mo Qing woke up. How did she seal the demon?


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