[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 55 – 56 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I love most about today’s episodes are Luo Ming Xuan’s awesome craziness! I loved the makeup and the blood on his face! I thought he looked evil, bad-ass, and simply crazy — very horrific.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing are together and it’s a happy ending! Even though, I could do without the last scene with the kids.

I tried to decipher this recap to the best of my abilities. I hope it makes sense.

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Episode 55

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

Luo Ming Xuan’s phoenixes started attacking everyone.

Luo Ming Xuan’s powers was too strong, Zhao Yao was trying to withstand the windstorm created by his enormous energy.


Zhi Yan, Liu Cang Ling, and the other disciples tried to escape but they could not because they were being attacked by three magical dark phoenixes.

So they combined their strengths to put up a force field between themselves and the birdies.


While everybody was busy being attacked by Luo Ming Xuan’s aura and wind, Lin Zi Yu looked at Mo Qing and attacked him with her whip.

Shi Qi arrived just in time to save Mo Qing from her whip. They fought, Shi Qi tore up Lin Zi Yu’s whip with her strength and punched Lin Zi Yu in the heart. Lin Zi Yu coughed up blood and died. (Lin Zi Yu better be dead, I’m done with that girl.)

After killing Lin Zi Yu, Shi Qi wanted to go help Zhao Yao but got attacked by one of Luo Ming Xuan’s phoenixes and was knocked unconscious.

Luo Ming Xuan: A demon is exactly a demon. All of you are born as demons, doom to be exterminated.

Mo Qing saw that Luo Ming Xuan was too powerful for Zhao Yao and everyone else, so he had to summon Wan Jun Sword and the dragon.

Wan Jun Dragon came and passed through the crazy Luo Ming Xuan floating in mid-air.

Then the dragon entered Mo Qing’s body.

Mo Qing broke his magical binds and turned into the dragon. Then Mo Qing obtained Wan Jun Sword and stabbed Luo Ming Xuan in the crown of his head. Luo Ming Xuan blasted Mo Qing out to the wayside. Mo Qing stayed over there in an agonizing mind competition with his inner demon.

Luo Ming Xuan became even crazier after Mo Qing’s attack. (He’s not dead yet because he’s got an immortal body.)

Zhao Yao took this opportunity to run up to the crazy Luo Ming Xuan with Liu He Tian Yi Sword.

She stabbed him through the chest.

Luo Ming Xuan looked at Zhao Yao and said his last words.

Luo Ming Xuan: I was not wrong. The wrong ones were you people.

Zhao Yao’s stab killed Luo Ming Xuan and he dissipated into thin air. (Since Luo Ming Xuan went to the darkside, he has an inner demon now. Liu He Tian YI Sword is reputed to kill all inner demons. Therefore, Luo Ming Xuan could not escape this death… Bye-bye, it was fun while it lasted.)

After Luo Ming Xuan dissipated, Zhao Yao rushed over to Mo Qing. Mo Qing was fighting with his inner demon and pushed Zhao Yao away. In the moment Mo Qing pushed Zhao Yao away, he accidentally knocked the necklace off her neck.

Zhao Yao looked at the Spying Heart Mirror necklace and it showed her some visions. (The part in episode 53 where Mo Qing turned evil, should’ve been with these visions because Zhao Yao transported them from Wan Lu Sect to the Sword Tomb.)

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing were in the Sword Tomb facing off.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing were at a momentary standstill. Then Mo Qing had a relapse and he went back into his mind and saw Wan Jun Dragon.

Wan Jun Dragon: Once you go out, you will be killed by Liu He Tian Yi Sword. If you’re dead, then you won’t have anything. Hold it (the sword), cooperate and combine strength with me to crush Liu He Tian Yi Sword into pieces. From now on, you won’t worry about life or death again. There is nothing in the world that you can’t obtain.

Wan Jun Dragon showed Mo Qing an image of him being Sect Leader over everyone on Feng Mountain. Then it showed Mo Qing as the last person standing in a corpse-filled and bloody battlefield. After the image, Wan Jun Sword appeared before Mo Qing’s face.

Wan Jun Dragon: You will become the most supreme person in the world.

Mo Qing: If the price to become the most supreme person is plunging people into an abyss of misery, I refuse.

Wan Jun Dragon: What does all living things in the world have to do with you?

Mo Qing: Thousands of people are precisely thousands of Zhao Yao and me. I love her and also love this world. I don’t want any of that supreme power. I also don’t want to become the master over all living things. The only thing I want to control is my own destiny.

Wan Jun Dragon: Only power can let you control your own destiny. The living things that you love hangs between destruction or redemption, it all depends on one thought of yours.

Mo Qing: Living beings have never needed somebody to save them. I also have never feared death. To lose oneself is truly not owning anything anymore.

Wan Jun Dragon: You are impenetrably thickheaded!

Then Wan Jun Dragon came at Mo Qing and subdued him.

Zhao Yao entered Mo Qing’s mind to wake him up and help him fight the Wan Jun Dragon. Then Mo Qing blasted Zhao Yao out of his mind and told her to chop Wan Jun Sword into pieces. Inside Mo Qing’s mind, he fought with Wan Jun Dragon.

In the Sword Tomb, Zhao Yao and Mo Qing fought again.

At the last moment, Mo Qing dropped Wan Jun Sword and Zhao Yao stabbed him with Liu He Tian Yi Sword. Then he pulled her in for an embrace.

Zhao Yao: You already knew about this before, right?

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao, this was not fate. This was my choice.

Then Mo Qing smiled and pushed Zhao Yao away. Mo Qing fell into the abyss of the deep cave.

Zhao Yao rushed down to the bottom of the cave to look for Mo Qing’s body in the rubble.

After Zhao Yao finished watching the visions, the necklace containing the Spying Heart Mirror cracked.

Zhao Yao told Mo Qing to not be controlled by the inner demon and begged him to come back. She was still waiting for him.

In Mo Qing’s mind, he was agonizingly falling down into an abyss. Finally, he landed at the end of the abyss and calmed down.

Mo Qing: In all my life, I have spent many years walking alone in the darkness. My life and my soul was quiet like stagnant water. Until one person said that she saw the starry sky in my eyes. Maybe she doesn’t know that in my eyes there was only a curtain of darkness and that she was everything that was radiant.

Mo Qing came back to himself and Zhao Yao told him that she would take him back to Wan Lu Sect.

~~ Qin Qian Xian ~~

Since Luo Ming Xuan died, the force field disappeared and Qin Qian Xian could get out. As he walked around and saw all these people died or dying, he was very sad.

Qin Qian Xian: To succeed made all living things suffer. To fail also made all living things suffer.

Qin Qian Xian sat down to meditate and chant for the release and comfort of these departed souls. His disciples saw the specks of light and realized what he was doing. They joined in to help Qin Qian Xian.

It was nighttime, Qin Qian Xian used up all his life force to comfort the departed souls. He turned into specks of light and became a butterfly. (He didn’t die, he reached enlightenment through his compassionate act.)

Qin Qian Xian’s butterfly went to bid farewell to Zhi Yan and Shi Qi.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Episode 56

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Zhao Yao took Mo Qing back to Wan Lu Sect. She waited for him to wake up. When he woke up, Zhi Yan came in to give Zhao Yao Xu Zong Sect’s forbidden technique book that she found at Feng Mountain. Zhao Yao said that she knows just the person to hand it to. (The parts where Zhao Yao wasn’t wearing the Spying Heart Mirror necklace in episodes 52-53, should’ve been with this episode.)


The next day, Zhao Yao and Mo Qing took the book to see Shen Qian Jin.

It happened to be Gu Han Guang’s & Shen Qian Jin’s wedding day. So she asked them to stay and drink some wine.

The wedding ceremony was performed at Gu Han Guang’s grave.

Qian Jin: The first cup of wine, honor heaven. You and I met and became each other’s sunshine. For you to fall deeply in love with me was a gift from heaven. I have no regrets in this life. *drank half, poured the rest on the ground* The second cup of wine, honor land. You and I experienced trials and hardships but had never wavered. We promised each other to be together in life or death. I have no regrets in this life. *drank half, poured the rest on the ground* May all the lovers in the world have no regrets. *drank all the wine in her cup, poured all the leftover wine in the vase on the ground*

When the ceremony was over, Qian Jin burned the book. Then she encouraged Mo Qing and Zhao Yao not to give up.


Shi Qi was at the grave she built for Qin Qian Xian. (I’m assuming that cute Shi Qi built this because let’s face it, Qin Qian Xian was the sect leader of Qian Chen Sect, his disciples would have built him a pretty awesome grave site, not a pitiful rock grave.)

Shi Qi called Qin Qian Xian a liar. Then Zhi Yan came by to comfort Shi Qi and told Shi Qi to return with her.

Shi Qi: I asked so many people, no one knows where he is to reach enlightenment and pass over. During that time, I was laying on the ground and watching those specks of light floating up and down towards the sky but I just didn’t see him.

Zhi Yan: Those lights were very beautiful.

Shi Qi: When he left, was he still very beautiful?

Zhi Yan: Very beautiful, just like all of his life. Big Uncle, he did the things he thought was worth it. He sacrificed his life for righteousness. Help give divine intervention to all living things. This was also the aspirations of his life. We can’t be happy for him but at least don’t be sad for him. It will give him more worries in this world.

Shi Qi: I am not sad. It’s just that… It’s just that I miss him a little bit. Then you tell me, when I want to see him and talk to him, where should I go to find him?

Zhi Yan: He is here giving divine intervention to all living things, then from here on out, everyone in the world should be him. If later on, you miss him, just get on the road, walk around and go see this big world. This should also count as seeing a part of him. (Translating this made me cry!)

Then Qin Qian Xian’s butterfly appeared to see his two favorite girls again.


Shi Qi was given to the task to protect Mo Qing. While Zhi Yan, Mo Qing, and Si Ma Rong were mulling over sect affairs, Shi Qi was stomping around making a ruckus because she was bored.

Mo Qing: You are East Mountain Lord. With this type of title, do you have practical work?

Shi Qi: Drink wine! Patrol the mountain! Play with her! *she pointed at Zhi Yan* I am so busy. (She is so cute!)

Zhi Yan suggested that Shi Qi go teach the new disciples kung fu so that they could replenish some people in An Luo Wei. Zhi Yan also mentioned that the disciples in Xi Yue Peak must be bored because they did not have anything to do and they want to get promoted.

Zhi Yan told Shi Qi that she would have someone to practice her kung fu with. When Shi Qi was angry, she would have someone to take out her anger on. Shi Qi at first refused but Si Ma Rong said that he would give her 10 chicken drumsticks for every disciple she teaches. She instantly agreed. (That’s a lot of chicken drumsticks, where is he going to get those legs?)

Then Zhi Yan found something was off with one of the official documents and went to Chen Bo Hall.

Si Ma Rong: Zhao Yao’s luck is too good.

Shi Qi: Why is Sect Leader’s luck suddenly good?

Mo Qing: She got a person.

Shi Qi: Got what?

Si Ma Rong: She got a person who can handle you.


Zhao Yao finally found a spell formation at Cang Shu Pavilion that could suppress Mo Qing’s inner demon. Mo Qing planned to go to the Sword Tomb and enclose himself up with Liu He Tian Yi Sword to dissipate the inner demon.

~~ Sword Tomb ~~

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing went to the Sword Tomb. They reminisced about the last time they were at the Sword Tomb to get Wan Jun Sword. This time, they were back to return it, fortune was playing with them.

Mo Qing: These years, I was always remorseful about that day.

Zhao Yao: Remorseful about what? Without that day, then there will be no us today. If not, how can I know that the Ugly Little Monster guarding the mountain gate of that year had so many things hidden in his heart.

Then Mo Qing slammed Wan Jun Sword back in its original place. Zhao Yao helped Mo Qing to seal Wan Jun Sword in the stone. After that Mo Qing went down to the cave under the Sword Tomb, while Zhao Yao waited for him at the top.

~~~ 5 Years Later ~~~

~~ Qin Zhi Yan ~~

Zhi Yan became Wan Lu Sect’s Sect Leader. She welcomed the new North Mountain Lord.

One of An Luo Wei disciples reported that they saw Zhao Yao in Shun An Town. Zhi Yan excitedly grabbed the new North Mountain Lord outside to the front of Wu E Hall because she knew that Zhao Yao wanted to check out the new people. (I like to think that somewhere in Dramaland, Zhi Yan will find happiness with the new North Mountain Lord.) Zhi Yan became sad that Zhao Yao would not show herself.

Zhao Yao kept herself hidden while she checked up on Zhi Yan and the new North Mountain Lord.

~~ Shen Qian Jin ~~

Zhi Yan hurriedly went to see Qian Jin. Qian Jin asked if Zhao Yao and Mo Qing had returned yet. Zhi Yan shook her head no and said she was always waiting for them to return. Qian Jin told Zhi Yan that when she went to visit Gu Han Guang’s grave, there was an extra wine cup. They talked about how patient Zhao Yao was in her wait for Mo Qing.

Then Zhi Yan saw the invitation from Jian Xin Sect about Liu Cang Ling’s new baby. So Zhi Yan hurriedly tried Qian Jin’s pastry and said she had to go prepare a gift for them. As Zhi Yan left, Qian Jin thought to herself.

Qian Jin: For some people there are some matters that are better to let go. *she turned back to look at Gu Han Guang’s chair* But for me, I am unable to let it go. Instead, this is where all the happiness of my life is located. (She means her happiness is Gu Han Guang. Everything in that house belongs to Gu Han Guang, therefore, his presence is still there. She makes me so sad. I feel like she could’ve studied Gu Han Guang’s medical books and try to save people in his name…)

~~ Liu Cang Ling ~~

Zhao Yao secretly went to visit Liu Cang Ling’s family. Liu Cang Ling moved on from Zhi Yan, he got himself a wife and two kids, a boy and a girl.

~~ Lu Shi Qi ~~

Shi Qi came across two men bullying a disciple of Qian Chen Sect. Shi Qi saved the disciple and commented that he’s not powerful like her friend from Qian Chen Sect.

Disciple: So where is your friend now, miss?

Shi Qi: Everyone said that he is giving divine intervention to all living things. All beings may be him but there are too many living beings. So I am still looking for him.

Then Qin Qian Xian’s butterfly appeared again, it brought a smile to Shi Qi’s face. (I just wanted to say that Zhao Yao didn’t visit Shi Qi… But isn’t these scenes all about Zhao Yao visiting her friends? So what about Shi Qi? Maybe because Shi Qi is out and about looking for Big Beauty and is nowhere near Wan Lu Sect, she got a visit from the butterfly instead.)

~~ Si Ma Rong ~~

Zhao Yao came to visit Si Ma Rong and saw him finally used his Mechanical Magic Technique on himself. He created wooden leg supports for himself to walk again. (I like this drama ending for Si Ma Rong, at least he found a slice of happiness of his own without Yue Zhu.)

~~ Shun An Town ~~

Zhao Yao was in a tea shop listening to the storyteller rehashing her and Mo Qing’s love story. The storyteller switched Zhao Yao and Mo Qing’s roles. He said that Zhao Yao was deeply in love with Mo Qing and Mo Qing was the one who cold-blooded and slowly fell in love with Zhao Yao. Also, he said that Zhao Yao and Mo Qing’s love story was tragic. Then Zhao Yao chuckled and pissed off one of the female listener. The listener demanded to know what Zhao Yao was laughing at and if she had fallen in love before.

Zhao Yao: I love someone. He used to hate the whole world. He felt beaten and weary of the ways of the world. He appeared to have had an idea to destroy the world. Perhaps he also once believed that all living things had nothing to do with him. But he didn’t become that kind of person after all. He is strong and gentle. I love him. I never regretted it.


Zhao Yao strolled around and thought to herself.

Zhao Yao: I was once a notorious demoness. I changed a lot because of one person. I do not steal a child’s skewer of sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn anymore. Everybody is also not afraid of me.

Zhao Yao saw a crying boy and gave him a skewer of sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn treat.

Zhao Yao: In one person’s eyes, I once saw a sea of stars. I was addicted to it. After he left, in order to search for his reflection, I did not dare to miss any starry night sky. But I have never seen that kind of radiance again.

~~ Sword Tomb ~~

Then Zhao Yao went back to the Sword Tomb to wait for Mo Qing. ~


Mo Qing enclosed himself in the cave under the Sword Tomb.

In Mo Qing’s mind, he heard Zhao Yao’s voice calling his name. He opened his eyes. He was meditating on a raft with a beautiful sunset. The dark aura was no where to be seen, in his right hand there was a beautiful butterfly. (Do you guys think that the inner demon got turned into that orange butterfly?)

He dropped the Wan Jun Sword in his mind into the water and stood up. He had successfully dissipated his inner demon.

Finally, Liu He Tian Yi Sword flew up from the cave under the Sword Tomb to impale onto the stone platform.

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao.

~~ Lu Zhao Yao & Mo Qing ~~

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing were finally back together and strolled around in Shun An Town.

Zhao Yao saw her favorite treat and with her perky lips motioned to Mo Qing to buy her a skewer. Then Mo Qing also bought another skewer of sweetness for a little boy.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing kept on walking and talking.

Zhao Yao: Ugly Little Monster, I find…

Mo Qing: What?

Zhao Yao: After sealing Wan Jun Sword, you seem to become gentle. You change back to yourself.

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao, do you remember what you said when we first met?

Zhao Yao: I said that I will take you away.

Mo Qing: Okay. I will follow you to the end of the world.

~~~ Many Years Later ~~

~~ Li Ming Ge & Li Ming Shu ~~

Li Ming Ge sneaked out of the house to go into Jiang Hu and drag her brother, Li Ming Shu, along. Li Ming Ge forced Li Ming Shu to act out a part that happened between their parents. (I feel like if they wanted to do this kids scene, then they should’ve gotten different people to perform it. Or if they wanted to use the same actors, then they should’ve do a role reversal or something. In the book, Li Ming Ge (girl) was like Mo Qing and Li Ming Shu (boy) was like Zhao Yao, they could’ve switch up the scene by making the boy do Zhao Yao’s part and the girl do Mo Qing’s part. Or better yet, they should’ve just ended the drama without this scene.)

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

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7 thoughts on “[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 55 – 56 Highlights

  1. Your translation somehow calm my heart because of that ending. I finally understand the sequence. For a non chinese like me its so hard to watch the last two episode without understanding every word. 😁 Like watching it, youll definetly get a heart ache and head ache 😁
    I still cry when i saw (even in pictures) the part where li chen lan is stab by the lui he tian yi sword and he hug zhao yao and she cried so much.
    Thank you so so so much for your effort in translating the drama.
    And i hope you wont stop translating the novel. I check your page every day for your update. 😁

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  2. You know, for all the fantasy and xianxia aspects of this drama, so many of the “take away” points are ones that so true. I was surprisingly affected by both the ending of Luo Ming Xuan AND Qin Qian Xian. Basically they are both the same (in how they wanted to help the world) but opposite (what they did and how they ended) – and while we don’t see beings like this everyday, I’m sure we’ve all seen people acting like this in real life. Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head and say, “ah, humans.” Thanks for the short recaps and looking forward to the rest of the novel’s translation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also like the contrast shown with Luo Ming Xuan and Qin Qian Xian. Luo Ming Xuan was very power hungry and thought all bad people are evil. Whereas Qin Qian Xian was humble and believed that not all bad people are evil.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the horrible editing that everyone is complaining about, 2 Liu He Tian Yi Swords. That part was supposed to be with the premonition that the Spying Heart Mirror gave Zhao Yao.


  3. Thank you for the episodes!
    Man, I hope the novel doesn’t have so many deaths and enlightenments. Poor ShiQi and Shen Qian Jin. And then JiangWu… And what’s with Zhi Yan bcoming sect leader and not ending up with Cang Lin?

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