Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 69.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 69.01

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After drinking Zhi Yan’s blood, I recovered my vigor. I was thinking that the ghost market would not even be available until night, so I was not in a hurry anymore. 

Once again, I stretched out my hand towards Zhi Yan. 

She stared at me in surprise: “Want more blood?” 

“No, the mirror on your body.” As soon as I said this, I distinctly felt Mo Qing’s hands that were supporting me stiffened slightly. 

Zhi Yan guilelessly handed me the silver mirror. I smiled and told her to leave first, driving out everyone in the room. I turned my head to look at Mo Qing and opened my hand for him to see the mirror in the hollow of my palm: “The matters outside are all resolved, so let’s talk. What did you say was the name of this mirror last time?” 

Mo Qing looked at the small silver mirror and remained silent. 

“If I remember correctly, it seems to be called the Spying Heart Mirror, right?” I held it in my hand and waved it around, “The Spying Heart Mirror, after all these years, what have you been spying on? Let me hear some of it.”

Mo Qing sighed: “Zhao Yao…”

I put the mirror around his neck: “What are you thinking in your heart, let me hear it.”

Mo Qing looked at me fixedly: “Do you want to know?” 

“I want to know.” 

He chuckled softly: “There’s no need to say it.” Before the sound of his voice faded away, he kissed my lips softly like a dragonfly lightly touching the water, “Do you understand?” 

I frowned at him: “Is that it?” 

The light in Mo Qing’s eyes darkened and without another word, he pressed down on my lips again, lightly, softly, tasting it carefully. I pushed him down and slightly opened his lapel. Just as my fingertips touched his captivating collarbone, a “boom” sounded from behind. 

I clenched my teeth and painfully bit Mo Qing’s lips. He opened his eyes and casually waved his hand, immediately a series of banging sounds rang out. Sima Rong’s voice mourned in sorrow: “Hey, it took me a lot of effort to teach this wood-headed puppet how to use the Instantaneous Travel Technique!” 

Tch, Sima Rong! Did not come at the right time! 

I sat up angrily and glared at the wood-headed puppet that was beaten to pieces by Mo Qing. I scoldingly said: “Speak! What’s the matter?!” 

That wood-headed puppet’s head rolled around twice on the ground, and finally turned back to look at me: “Lu… Lu…” 

“Yes, I got resurrected! If there’s something, say it, if there’s nothing, get lost.” 

Next to me, Mo Qing also sat up. He calmly fixed the areas of his lapels, where I had pulled it apart. 

Sima Rong was such an astute person, at this point he quickly understood the situation and cleared his throat: “Oh, it’s good to be resurrected, it’s good. It saves a certain someone from living a harder life than a monk’s ascetic practice every day.” 

Mo Qing raised his eyes and lightly downplayed his glance as it swept over the wood-headed puppet: “It seems like you’ve had a lot of free time lately? Are you short on things to do?” 

Sima Rong let out two loud chuckles: “I heard that something happened to Chen Ji Mountain, so I purposely created a wood-headed puppet that can use the Instantaneous Travel Technique to come see you. Originally, I wanted to come help, but I didn’t expect to be late and saw something I shouldn’t have seen. No matter, I’m leaving now.” 

“Stop.” I said to him, then I walked over and picked up his head. Then I pulled out the two fake eyes made of colored glass and stuffed them into Sima Rong’s wood-headed puppet’s mouth, “If you already know that you shouldn’t look, then don’t foolishly stare in the future. If you saw it, then don’t foolishly utter a word.” 

Mo Qing laughed softly behind me, while Sima Rong’s wood-headed puppet felt so wronged that he was speechless. 

I turned around, took the silver mirror from Mo Qing’s neck and hung it back on me. He was somewhat stunned. He was seemingly surprised because I finally knew that this was the Spying Heart Mirror, and I was still willing to wear it. 

“Treat each other sincerely.” I pointed to his heart, “You want to know everything about me, I will let you do so.” 

Mo Qing’s gaze softened, as he explained, “This was the only thing I have worn since I got unsealed. At first, I didn’t know that it was called the Spying Heart Mirror, even when I gave it to you, I still didn’t know that it had such a purpose. After that moment, I found out about it. I wanted to take it back, but I couldn’t say a word.” 

The only thing I have worn since I got unsealed… 

Mo Qing gave it to me, so it was enough to tell me what his intentions were. 

“Go, finish the other matters early.” I said, “I will await your return.” 

He looked at me tenderly, then he dropped a soft kiss on my forehead and turned to leave.

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