Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 70.03


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 70.03

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I shivered inwardly. When the giant lifted up his foot, I clenched my fists as I saw Zhi Yan buried among the ruins, her face covered with dust. 

“Humph.” He snorted coldly. As he lifted Zhi Yan out of the ruins, he said, “Lu Zhao Yao? Can she come and save you?” 

When the giant called out my name, it became my third call for the Summoning of Soul… 

As a long wind swept past, it seemed to dispel the thousands of miles of miasma. In an instant, I only felt that my entire body was surrounded by a warm aura. It was leading me and pulling me, everything around me became so hazy. 

Moments later, the beating of my heart vibrated in my chest and my soul had returned to my body. 

I opened my eyes and saw the giant in front of me holding Zhi Yan’s body and throwing her into his mouth. 

As soon as I clenched my fist, the power in my entire body surged out. In an instant, a loud “bang” was heard, I ruthlessly blew up the giant’s hand. Amidst the badly mangled flesh and blood, I used the Instantaneous Travel Technique to quickly snatch Zhi Yan out of the giant’s mouth and teleported over ten feet away. Only then, did that giant on the other side begin to howl in pain. 

His howls were so loud, it shook the dead trees in the mountains. It even caused an earthquake that made the dead trees shatter into tiny pieces. 

I covered Zhi Yan’s ears and protected her heart and arteries. When that howling voice faded away, I placed Zhi Yan on the ground. With a flick of my fingers, I created an enchantment barrier to protect her within it. 

I rose to my feet, letting the long breath exhaled by the giant sweep up the miasma, and ruffle my clothes and long hair. As I popped the joints of my fingers, the sounds of “pop-crack” could be heard. With a wave of my hand, I summoned the Liu He Tian Yi Sword from within the ruins. 

Step by step, I approached the giant who was covering his severed hand. 

“No one has ever dared to bully my people like this in front of me.” As I waved the Liu He Tian Yi Sword, the sword’s energy shined like a rainbow, enveloped in lightning, emitting a rumbling like a hidden dragon’s hiss, “Tell me, how do you want to die?” 

“Brazen thing! My hand…” The giant did not grasp the meaning of my words at all. Among the shouts of the bandits behind him, he gritted his teeth and rushed towards me. 

With a flash of brilliance in his hand, he unexpectedly condensed a giant ax out of demonic energy. As he growled, he lifted the ax and struck at me. 

I stood still and circulated my aura, in a blink of an eye, I moved behind his neck. The Liu He Tian Yi Sword went through his skin and pierced his cervical vertebra. My eyes were cold, but there was a smile on the corner of my mouth: “You’re too slow.” 

As the Liu He Tian YI Sword went forward, it could have pierced through the back of his neck, directly into his vertebra and punctured his throat. However, when I was just about to completely penetrate into his bone, the Liu He Tian Sword was blocked by a thick octahedron sword from the side. 

“Heh, is the anger of Wan Lu Sect’s sect leader always this huge?” 

My eyes glanced over and I saw Jiang Wu with a head full of red hair, carrying a savage smile with a wanton expression, and holding the hilt of the octahedron sword. 

“Heh.” I followed his example, chuckling softly, “That’s right, my anger is always this huge.” 

After I said that, I injected my aura into the blade of the Liu He Tian Yi Sword. The lightning followed the sword’s body, and with the “pop-crack” sounds, it immediately pierced through that giant’s neck. 

The giant’s throat made a vague sound, and fell down without making any other movements.  

I turned back and retreated to Zhi Yan’s side, staring indifferently at Jiang Wu in front of me. However, I noticed that his red hair was down to his waist and his cape was loose, but the bangs on his forehead were still as ostentatious as those puppets. 

With such strength and vigor, he was definitely not one of those puppets. 

If that was the case, then the person who went to Su Mountain’s Qian Chen Pavilion to capture Qin Qian Xian must be another puppet. One person could employ several puppets, this Jiang Wu really knew how to up his gameplay. 

As Jiang Wu held the octahedron sword, he poked the giant’s corpse on the ground: “It’s been so hard to raise an underling that you can just kill in such a way.” Even though he said that, there was no trace of regret in his expression. As Jiang Wu resheathed his sword, he stared at me and licked his lips, “What are you going to use as compensation?”

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