Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 69.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 69.02

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For the entire afternoon, Mo Qing was busy purging out the traitors and repairing Wan Lu Sect. The entire sect, from top to bottom, had a bunch of things waiting for him to handle. 

I waited until the evening to repossess my body and took Zhi Yan to the ghost market. I stood in the same spot and waited for a while. As the feeling of diminishing strength came, the effect brought on by Zhi Yan’s blood disappeared, and my soul indeed left my body. 

I told Zhi Yan to guard my body and wait for me, then I turned around and flew towards the tavern in the forest of the ghost market. 

However, I circled the tavern several times and did not see Zi You. I was about to go to Da Yin Netherworld Money Store to find him, but before I could leave, a clear male voice called out to me from behind. 

I turned my head and saw a man with a face like a crown of jade, with his hair tied, wearing a long robe, standing at the door of the tavern, smiling faintly: “Lu Zhao Yao.” 

I did not know him, but I did clearly hear my name coming from his lips. I put my guard up and floated nearer, staring at him: “Who are you, how do you know me?” 

“I am Zhu Ji. Zi You should have mentioned this to you, I am the owner of this tavern.” 

Oh, I remembered now. When I met Zi You for the first time, he told me about his boss who was not like those other merchants in the ghost market. On the contrary… He was a very good-looking boss, unlike the other gloomy ghosts in this ghost market. He carried a somewhat ethereal aura on his body. 

“I have two letters for you.” As he said this, he went digging in his clothes, “One is from Cao Ming Feng…” He searched for a long time, then he finally pulled out an envelope and placed it in my hand. 

Cao Ming Feng? I thought about it for a long time before I finally remembered, was he not my first husband that I burnt up to heaven… I really did not think that I would still have the chance to hear that name again in this life. Even though he already went to heaven, he could still ask someone to send me a letter? So, in other words, the person standing in front of me was also… An immortal? 

Decent and honorable. Not deceitful and not slippery. Not like the kind that got praised to high heaven like Luo Ming Xuan. He was from heaven, from the legends, a real immortal? 

“There is one more… Oh… Where did I put it?” He searched all over his body, rummaging through both sleeves and looking at the ground again and again. He was even more muddle-headed than a mortal. 

For a long time, I looked at him coldly until he turned around and finally pulled out an envelope from his sleeve: “Ah, this is from Zi You to you.” 

He left it… For me? 

I reached out my hand to take it and asked: “Where did Zi You go?” 

“He forgot everything that should be forgotten, so it doesn’t matter where he went.” 

This answer was really calm and collected. Well, he was the owner of this tavern in the ghost market, so he must have seen such things many times before. It was just that… When I thought of Zi You, I could not help it but feel pity and regret. I originally intended to tell him about his brother’s current situation. 

In any case, for Zi You, those things were no longer important.

I opened Zi You’s letter, there was not much written inside. The gist of the letter was that he was very happy to be able to see me again at the ghost market. He was sorry that he could not wait for me to come back to the ghost market again. He hoped that he would have the opportunity to meet again in the next life. 

The letter had a few brushstrokes. It was very tranquil, there were no great changes and no deep sorrow. Until the very end, he very calmly accepted the fact that he forgot everything. In addition to reading this letter with a calm expression, and wishing him well in the next life, I could not find any other suitable emotion. 

Every path was like that, ultimately reaching its end. There was nothing to be sorrowful about, and nothing to be sad about.

I put away Zi You’s letter and opened Cao Ning’s letter. Unlike Zi You, inside the letter was densely packed with characters. After reading the whole letter, it was all apologies to me. At the end, he also wrote some words of gratitude. Lastly, he included that if I ever needed help in the future, then I could just ask Zhu Ji to pass the message on to him. 

I rolled my eyes, then I said to Zhu Ji: “Help me pass a message to Cao Ning. Right now, I’m a living soul and I have found my body, but I can’t stay in my body for long. I want to be resurrected. Help me ask him, does he have any way to resolve this?”

“You don’t need to find him for this.” Zhu Ji said, “I can help give you an idea. Your current situation is similar to a living person’s unexpected separation of the soul. You just need to bring your body back to your hometown, and have people call out your name. Mortals called this method, Summoning of Soul. Call your name three times, and you will return back to your body.” 

I was stunned: “Is it that simple?” 

“When the correct method is found, it becomes simple.” Zhu Ji laughed, “My method is absolutely correct, always.”

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