Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 73.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 73.01

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In the moment when my five fingers drew closer together, a red light flashed around Jiang Wu’s neck. It was the body-protecting enchantment barrier that he learned from Qin Qian Xian. He used it to block my sharp claws. 

The corners of his mouth revealed an incomprehensible smile: “Then you can follow me down there, too.” 

After saying that, his hand touched some switch on the side of the bed. In an instant, the bed suddenly plummeted downwards. The feeling of weightlessness came suddenly. Jiang Wu, who was in my hand, quickly teleported and disappeared. 

I used my magic to keep myself floating in mid-air. When I saw the surrounding scenery, I was so shocked that I forgot how to speak. 

Under the bed where I was detained, there was a huge black hole about one thousand feet deep. I did not know what was hidden at the bottom of this black hole, but its light was shimmering and sparkling. When the light was at its strongest, it was able to illuminate the entire cave. 

Every time the light shined on the cliff walls, I saw that there were densely packed spells engraved on there. The spells had become hazy due to the passage of time. 

However, I knew these spells… 

When I was a child, my grandfather told me that when there were many people in our clan, there was a sacrificial ceremony every year. At the sacrificial ceremony, everyone had to draw this talisman and stick it on the cliff side of the mountain. 

Later on, the clansmen disappeared one after another, leaving only my grandfather and I to guard the recesses of the mountains. There were few people left in the clan, so naturally, the sacrificial ceremonies were no longer performed. However, every year, my grandfather still had the habit of drawing a talisman on the day of the sacrifice and sticking it to the cliff wall. He said that it was a tradition that was passed down… So, it must be done to avoid evil spirits. 

When I grew up, I was too lazy to learn how to draw the talisman. I believed that it was useless in my cultivation journey. Grandfather did not force me to learn it, but after seeing it so many times, I could recognize this talisman anywhere. 

So as it turned out that below my homeland’s subterranean, there was such a large place  engraved with so many of the same spells. In the end, who created this place? What the hell was the meaning of this spell? 

I frowned: “What is this place?” I had just finished asking, when I suddenly heard someone next to me bellow: “Ah! Sect Leader! Sect Leader!” 

Surprisingly, it was Shi Qi’s voice. 

I looked around, following the call. I saw hanging down from the ceiling was a large iron cage. Inside, someone had chained Shi Qi with iron chains. She was trussed up tightly like a lively eggroll. She struggled and wrestled inside, causing the iron chains to collide with the iron cage, and making loud rustling noises. While beside her, in another iron cage was Qin Qian Xian, who was currently tied up and meditating. Compared to Shi Qi, he had less shackles on his body. 

It was understandable… Qin Qian Xian had sustained injuries, so he was in a weakened state, just using an enchantment barrier was enough. However, with Shi Qi’s mystical body type… It could only be dealt with by this type of method. 

As her shouts were loud, she woke up Qin Qian Xian, who was next to her. He opened his eyes and looked at me indifferently. Although his body was confined in a prison, he still maintained the indifferent appearance of a compassionate Bodhisattva. 

Mhm… Shi Qi went to save Qin Qian Xian, and so they were both captured together… 

When the underground light flashed again, this time, the light was extremely bright. I could see that behind Shi Qi and Qin Qian Xian there were still many cages hanging scattered about. Surprisingly, at first glance, there was an estimate of not less than twenty cages. Imprisoned inside the cages were either Shadow Night Guards or Qian Chen Pavilion’s disciples, even Lin Zi Yu was inside… 

He looked at me in silence, not uttering a sound. 

Each and every one of them had wounds on their bodies. Some of them were even laying in their cages, unable to get up. 

The Eastern Mountain Lord, the Captain of the Shadow Night Guards, and even myself, the former Sect Leader were all captured. Even though these imprisoned Shadow Night Guards had fought with me not too long ago, they were still members of Wan Lu Sect. Besides, they were also the faces of Wan Lu Sect. They committed the crime of apostasy, so they should be punished by Mo Qing, not locked in this place! 

From the time I founded Wan Lu Sect until now, I had never suffered a huge loss in the hands of anyone. Little Red Head, your ability was not bad at all! 

“Jiang Wu.” I coldly called out his name, “What the hell do you intend to do?” 

Jiang Wu appeared in front of me, floating diagonally in the air. He crossed his arms and smiled: “I just wanted to show you how many of your weak spots that I’ve captured. Then I’ll let you decide what your attitude towards me should be like in the future.” 

I narrowed my eyes: “Are you threatening me?” When I spoke, Shi Qi was already scolding him in her cage, “Yecch! You Jezebel Big Red Head! You’re shameless!” 

Jiang Wu glanced behind me, staring at Shi Qi. His eyes shot out a stream of magic. I was not nervous nor did I block that attack. I allowed Jiang Wu’s magic to hit Shi Qi, then I listened to her scold him again: “Hmph! Just like giving your grandfather a tickle! Come at me again! I’m not scared of you!” 

The whole cave was filled with the sounds of Shi Qi’s scolding. When I took action against Jiang Wu, his face did not even turn black, but when she scolded him, his face turned gloomy. As I was kneading the area between my eyebrows, I saw Jiang Wu move his hand slightly, wanting to pull his sword out of its sheath. 

I frowned and was about to signal to Shi Qi to calm down, when Qin Qian Xian in the cage next to her said: “Miss Shi Qi.” He called out softly to her, no longer calling Shi Qi the Eastern Mountain Lord. 

Although Shi Qi was still very dissatisfied, she simply snorted and quieted down. However, her eyes were still glued on Jiang Wu, staring at him in a very hostile way. 

Perhaps, if she could get out of the cage right now, then she would definitely use her teeth to bite Jiang Wu to his death…

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3 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 73.01

  1. I know it’s not going to happen, but it would be amazing if Shi Qi was the one to end Jiang Wu’s reign of terror…

    And as always, your hard work is greatly appreciated!

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  2. The plot thickens- he wants Zhao Yao to submit or else… so much for the flirting. It’s interesting to note how Qin QIan Xian changed the way he addresses Shi Qi. Could this be a clue to how he regards her now? Hmm… where is Mo Qing??? I need him to come and Zhao Yao join forces to kick Jiang Wu’s behind!

    As always thank you for your hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

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