The Prince is Here/ Accompanying the Phoenix ~ 《本王在此/ 与凤行》

Year Published: 2013

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As the Azure Sky King, who was born a pearl in the Demon Realm, Shen Li’s life was always bright and dazzling.

However, on her upcoming thousandth birthday, the evil clutches of a political marriage came bombarding down, scratching at her.

The ninetieth Heavenly Emperor in the Nine Heavens issued a heavenly edict.

The Azure Sky King and the emperor’s thirty-third grandson, Fu Rong Jun, were betrothed. 

In his early years, Fu Rong Jun was well-known for his promiscuous heart.

She, the magnificent king in the Demon Realm, who could conquer the four seas and fight the eight domains with a swing of her silver spear, how could she marry that kind of promiscuous idiot?!

She must escape this marriage!

Shen Li did not expect that as soon as she ran away, she would run into a man who did not belong to the Three Realms and Five Elements.

That man really was…

Out of the ordinary.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

PS: Old Jiu, who is beautiful and touching, refreshing and pure, even cute from astronomy to geography, will give a hint:

The female protagonist is rather rough and the male protagonist is slightly odd. It is risky to enter the pit, so be careful when reading the text.

~ Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

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Chinese Original * Vietnamese Translations

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Chapters 00-02 translated by Moon Bunny Cafe

Chapters 03-50 translated by justreads

Chapters 51-67 on Free Web Novel

Ch 68: Part 01 : Part 02 (note: Xing Zhi took Shen Li to the Outer Bounds of Heaven)

Ch 69: Part 01 : Part 02 (note: Shen Li Returns to the Demon Realm)

Ch 70: Part 01 : Part 02 (note: Shen Li’s true identity)

Ch 71: Part 01 : Part 02 (note: Fu Sheng reappears)

Ch 72: Part 01 : Part 02 (note: Xing Zhi came after Shen Li)

Ch 73: Part 01 : Part 02 (note:)

Ch 74: Part 01 : Part 02 (note:)

Ch 75: Part 01 : Part 02 (note:)

Ch 76: Final Ending (Beginning)

Ch 77: Final Ending (Ending)

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Ch 78: Side Story of Feng Lai (Beginning)

Ch 79: Side Story of Feng Lai (Middle)

Ch 80: Side Story of Feng Lai (Ending)

Ch 81: Side Story 2 – Wedding

If you would like to read the side stories, then please consider supporting my work by buying access to these chapters to be able to read them earlier.

Access to Chapters 78, 79, & 80:

Accress to Chapter 81:

If not, then please wait until I finish translating Accompanying the Phoenix and the side stories will be password free.

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